Let’s Have a Replay

I’m Signed Up For The Open… Are You???
Wednesday (Jan 21) – Well, not a normal
replay.  Today is the middle ground on
what is planned to be a 3 day in a row stretch. I’m a little worried because
even at the peak of my training (last summer), I was always a 2 on, rest, 1 on
and rest kind of guy. I’m not sure how my body will be react, but we’ll go all
out. The last little while has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  There are so many things that are happening
in the next few weeks, so many things to prepare for. It’s a little bit
stressful. There are some drawback though, my studying has taken it on the
chin, but with that deadline approaching, needs to be put back on track.  It seems like there will be lots of sleepless
nights over the next 4 months, but it will be worth it in the end.
It’s All a Blur
Today it was find a 20RM Bench Press for
everyone but Adam… He decided he needed a 20RM Back Squat. Well, whatever works
big dog. Drew and I were working together again and he helped me hit 20 reps
@125lbs and was cheering me on when I failed on rep 17 of 20 @135lbs.  So close. Everything was shredded after that,
but thanks for the encouragement. I’m still not sure if I was fully awake at
this point, but we were setting up for a replay of 11.4. That’s the 4th
WOD of the 2011 Open for those of you following at home.
11.4 (10 minute CAP)
60 Bar-facing Burpees
30 OHS (@75lbs)
10 MU Progressions
We also did this WOD in 2013 and the cook
thing about CrossFit is the importance of being able to measure and see if you’ve
improved.  Now I haven’t been able to
find my numbers (that’s a housekeeping issue more than anything else), but considering
OHS are one of my weaker movements, this has to be an improvement.  I managed to get 7 of the 30 OHS in before I got
Spent. Burpees are the best thing EVER,
said NO ONE! Stupid thing is, they are one of those full body exercises that
are great. Still with all the mobility restrictions, it was a very taxing day
at the box. 

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