I’m Not Actually Awake

Out with my buddy for a walk after the Chipper…
Thursday (Jan 22) – What happened to mornings? There was a time when I was wide awake and out the door with no problems. Am I getting old? Wait, don’t answer that. What’s changed? Now I can barely keep my eyes open and function. I sense a paradigm shift coming though, with schedules and work, I may have to say goodbye to the #530Crew (at least in a working out sense). Mornings, get the day started and you don’t end up eating dinner at 9pm, but this will be a tough transition. Day 3. Coach Baz (@SarahBassels). A giant chipper. Let’s get this party started.
Still have no idea because I wasn’t awake…
We started with a little complex involving Hang Power Cleans and HSPUs. No using the modification from @zlreyes and to keep @Keilshammer quiet, I was working with Deficit HSPU form the box using 35lb plates. We were lifting every 2 minutes for 12 minutes, increasing the weight each round. 5 Hang Power Cleans and max effort HSPUs. I managed to make it up to 145lbs and hit a total of 21 Deficit HSPUs. It was tough, mostly because my arms and shoulders were already shredded from Tuesday and Wednesday’s WODs. Now we have to work.
Chipper (20 minute CAP)
40 Calorie Row
30 Shoulder to Overhead (@95lbs)
20 Box Jumps (24” Box)
10 Ring Dips (Purple)
21 S2O
15 Box Jumps
9 Ring Dips
15 S2O
9 Box Jumps
6 Ring Dips
9 S2O
6 Box Jumps
3 Ring Dips
It’s funny how you can get a boost sometimes from a small part of a WOD and it can carry you through the entire workout. The boys started on the Row and I had a really good set to. I popped off the Rower 1m09s in and 40 calories done. It felt GREAT! With the boys pushing the pace, I managed to complete the chipper in 11m48s. Spent, laying in a pile of sweat, it was a wonderful feeling to know that FINALLY I had managed to finish under the CAP.
I know that it seems weird that there isn’t a whole lot of ‘feeling’ or insight in the last few posts, but there really isn’t anything left right now. With everything that has been going on and the week that is coming up, I have been behind the eight ball. Don’t worry though, I will get caught up and there will be more ‘content’


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