Leading the Pack

Candied Meat
Tuesday (Jan 20) – Well it’s been a big
couple of days. Literally. First let’s start with the Phat. Sunday was the 16th
Annual Phat Boy Fiesta, the yearly event where the boys get together for a day
of catching up and eating. The event has evolved over the last few years from
eating to the point of illness to only eating to the point of coma. We even
managed to have 1 really good game (the early one), sorry to my Packer loving
friends, especially @jessgrigg. Everybody brings something to this one event a
year where we can just kick back. I’ve included some photos of the various
dishes for your perusal. As always, thanks to Mamma C for all her hard work,
assisted this year by @SavannahJessie.
Rueben Dip
Bacon Cups with Pulled Pork and Beans
Chicken Wing Dip
Monday also marked the last section of
Phase 2. With Tav watching on, I got to lead my first @CrossFitCanuck class.
The #530Crew were my first class as I jumped into the pool of coaching. It’s a
whole lot different on the other side of the barbell and there were some rough
patches, but the class was awesome and worked like crazy to get through a tough
one.  There were Snatches forever and then
a real burner of a WOD to help get us ready for the Open. There were lots of
take-aways from class #1 and I will incorporate them into the classes that I
will be teaching from here on.
4 minute AMRAP
200m Row
Well hello Coach Baz (@SarahBassels), long
time no see and an early morning. There’s nothing like Deadlifts in the
morning, lots of them. Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes @315lbs and 1 Wall Walk.
I got a chance to work with the boys from @WeLift and we managed to get lots of
work done.  The Wall Walks were tough, my
shoulder did not really enjoy them, but the work had to be done.
WOD (12 minute CAP)
4 Rounds
10 Clean and Jerk (@135lbs)
20 Knees to Elbows
50 DUs
**with the remaining time Burpees over Bar
The score for the WOD was Burpees and my
score was a big, fat 0. The reason for the slow time was that I was trying to
make sure I did all DUs. 1 full plus 10 Knees to Elbows. The DUs are coming
along, but they are still slow. Practice, practice and more practice.
The Party Potatoes
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
Shoulder Mobility
Calf Stretches (Plate)
The Wrap Up
All-in-all a really good morning, but my
body is still trying to get used to working. There is a lot left to do, I have
slipped a little from where I was, but I will get back there. @SavannahJessie
is keeping us on the straight and narrow with food and exercise, now I need to
make sure to hold up my end. We’ll see how this plays out.

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