Merry Ho-Ho

Tuesday (Dec 23) – As I sit here writing
this post on Christmas morning (well, alright, Christmas early afternoon), let
me wish Everyone a very Merry Christmas. Tis the season between Black Friday
and Boxing Day where hopefully we are able to find time to spend with family
and friends. Hopefully we can be a little nicer, not just during this period,
but for the entire year. @SavannahJessie and I got to spend time visiting my
niece and getting a reminder about what it is to just enjoy Christmas just for
sheer joy of tearing paper and bouncing around.
I got a bit ahead of myself though. Here’s
the update about what is going on. First, I am failing MISERABLY at making it
to the Nooners @CrossFitCanuck. It isn’t through lack of effort, but life
getting in the way. It has been tough getting free at work to get to the box
because of the projects that are currently on. All I can do is keep trying to
get there. AND, the condo is sold! That’s right, no more stress dealing with
all this real world stuff, closing dates are locked, lawyers appointments are
made and moving preparations are being made. HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!
3 Rounds
30 Skips
10 In and Outs
10 Toe Touches
10 Close Grip Push-ups
What did I say? Deadlifts can make any day
better. Well today is max out day for the Deadlift and for the Bench Press.
SWEET! I got to work with Shanks today (I think that’s a first) and we started
slapping the slabs of beef on the bar to get to it. Everything was feeling
really good as we warmed up, even though I hinged on a couple of lifts. Shanks
hit a PR (Congrats) and I loaded up to 415lbs for a PR attempt. UGH! I got it
off the floor and it got to my knees, but I just couldn’t get it moving from
there. Oh well, I guess a successful 395lbs for the day will have to do. I
hopped over to @CADPRO00 and we started ramping up the Bench. Again my partner
hit a PR (Congrats), but I just couldn’t get there, maxing out at 225lbs.
3 minute Buy-in
ME Burpee Over Bar
3 Rounds (9 minute CAP)
5 Squat Clean Thrusters (@115lbs)
10 HSPU (Box)
50 DUs
Remaining Time
ME Burpee Over Bar
So your score for this beauty was the total
number of Burpees completed. Today I managed to complete 26 at RX. Please note,
RX. That means DUs. Like I said before, DUs, I will own you this year. It was
tough with the Squat Cleans, but I really needed to make sure that I got at
least 1 WOD in before Christmas.
OK, so as I come around to close up today
and get back to family, I want to take a second to hopefully not sound preachy
and to give some advice.  As life
continues to get busier (trust me, I get it), we still have to find a way to be
a little bit nicer, if only at this time of year (but hopefully all year long).
With everything we are reading in the newspapers, online and seeing on the
evening news, we can see that the world is certainly not a nice place (most of
the time). I know that I have to find a way to be a nicer person (and I will
work at it), but everyone needs to look inside and find a way to be nicer to
each other every day.
End of preachiness…
Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time
you get to spend with family and friends this holiday season.  Hopefully everyone has a chance to unplug and


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