So Much Turkey…

#selfieface with Tav!
Monday (Dec 29) – There’s nothing like a
good solid dose of reality to reinforce the fact that you’ve been slacking over
the holidays (and the weeks leading up to the holidays in my case). Depressing.
I don’t want to make excuses, but as the stress of the last month has slowly
decreased, along with the frequency of my WODs, the scale has slowly ticked
upwards as stopped paying attention to what I was shoving into my food hole
(shoveling in the case of Christmas). Everything is tight and I don’t mean that
in the positive and flattering way. Merry Frickin Ho-Ho to me. Self inflicted
to be sure, but I seriously could use a break somewhere. Between the stress of
everything, the studying for the THREE exams I have before May 31st
and the stupid knee which is prohibiting Squats, I seem to have hit the
trifecta of suck. The only way to get through it, is to stop complaining, focus
and work harder.
TABATA Run (7 Rounds)
4 Rounds
Hurdle Over Team (Length of Box)
Duck Walk, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump and Duck
Hop (1 movement per round)
Welcome to Monday morning!! @SavannahJessie
and I hit up the 7am class for the first time and Tavia cooked up a doozy (that
mysteriously didn’t get posted online). Before we get there though, we have
some work to do.  We are in between
cycles right now, between Wendler and preparation for the Open.  I’m excited to try and improve on how I did
last year (and hopefully to compete at RX). We started off looking for a 1RM
Power Clean. I love the Power Clean, it’s just slightly behind the Deadlift in
my list of things to do, but today was not my day. I hinged on 1 lift near my
upper range and starfished a bit on my last lift. I could have gone heavier
then the 205lb final lift, but I would have been sacrificing form. Then a 7
minute EMOM of 5 Touch and Go Power Cleans at 125lbs. We still weren’t done
though, as we had a 4 Round TABATA of HSPU (Box), Ring Dips (Purple) and Hand
Release Push-ups.
WOD (15 minute CAP)
10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
Clean & Jerk (@95lbs)
2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 18 – 20
**7 Burpees between each round
Everytime I finish a WOD feeling like this
(mostly like I got hit in the gut followed by a roundhouse to the jaw) I remind
myself to never take too much time between WODs. You would think after all of
these times I would have learned. Nope. I made it through 6 of 6 C&J’s
before I got CAPPED out. As you can see from my Sweat Angel (pictured below), I
was curled in the fetal position for quite some time trying to figure out if I was
going to make it (I did).
Now you may have been able to tell from how
this post opened, that I am not at all happy with my body right now. Shopping
at the Premium Outlet Mall was a slap in the face wake up call. With 60 Days
left until we set sail on our cruise, I want to make sure I am looking
especially good for my lady. I know that’s a little vain sounding, but the long
term health benefits are also right up there (along with striking something off
my goals list). It is just a matter of getting focused again (it seems like I’ve
said that a couple times in the last week).

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