Just Like Old Times

Welcomed to #PlatforAssassins
Thursday (Dec 18) – First of in this quest
to get all my parts back on track, I have a big ‘Thank You’ to Coach D
(@DefconRX) and #PlatformAssassins for letting me creep into their #530Class to
complete Day 2 of Week 5. One day soon, I will actually make it there to lift
with you guys. It has been interesting as I attempt to tackle ‘Nooners’, keep
up with Tavia and still have enough time to do everything else. On the stress
reduction side though, @SavannahJessie and I are expecting the condo to be sold
(firm as opposed to conditionally) by tomorrow. EVERYBODY CONGA!!!
Thanks to the push (from various places) to
get back to my regularly scheduled programming I’ve been feeling like I’m
coming up from underwater. It’s shocking to me the kind of effect that exercise
can have on mood. Am I alone feeling like this? It would be interesting to hear
if anyone else has ever experienced these types of feelings (feel free to
comment below). My body hurts, but except for my right knee, it’s the hurt you
get when you’ve worked hard. Not the, I’m breaking, please call somebody hurt.
Oh, speaking of call somebody, my MRI for the knee is booked… For MARCH. Not
sure why I expected to get in quickly, but at least when I do someone will
figure out what the heck is going on.
511m Row
5x100m Sprint
3x250m Row
3x500m Row
Come hell or high water, I need to keep
focusing on getting to the box, not just to Row, but to WOD as well. The next
step is to get will also be to get my diet under control. I’m by no means back
where I used to be, but portion size and poor decisions are creeping back into
life.  Not really because I want them,
but because of time, convenience. Health, isn’t just exercising, but it’s a
whole lifestyle. Food, Exercise, work, life balance. I’m not trying to be
preachy, I just need to get it out of my head and into print.
Now we are heading into the Christmas
Vacation week and the schedule will (once again) be a bit out of sorts.
@phillyk007 and I will also have the equivalent of an IT Nightmare/Marathon on
Friday. We are doing a server room upgrade which will involve a complete
shutdown and total rework of the entire room. Yikes. Stay tuned because I’m
either going to get the whole Week 5 in, or I will be sleeping until Sunday.


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