The End of an Era

Coach D’s #530 Thursday Crew
Thursday (Nov 27) – The writing was on the
wall. You had to know it was coming. It doesn’t make it any easier though,
tonight was the last of Coach D’s #530 Thursday CrossFit Classes at
@CrossFitCanuck. Over the last few months, a lot of focus has shifted to The
Platform Assassins and attendance has been thinning out. As a result next week,
the #530 Class will be a Platform Assassins session (*Tear*). Before we closed
out though, we wanted to make Coach D proud and the last #530Crew on Thursday
night went all out. Everybody finished. In true Canuck fashion.
WeLift is coming… I am starting to get a
little bit worried. My first official competition starts Sunday at 1pm EST. Maybe
a little worried is an understatement. I know that DUs are coming. I know that
DUs are a weakness. I don’t want to let my partner down. So instead of
tonight’s skill session, I worked on the dreaded DUs.
BSKILLS (I know throwing a B in front of
everything is getting silly)
10 minutes DU Work
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
Shoulder Mobility
Can I string a million DUs together? Nope.
Can I at least mix DUs and Singles to keep moving and make sure that @matt_5577
isn’t stuck doing them all? Yes. Yes I can. It looks like the days of Singles
may be coming to an end in the WOD world (was that out loud?). Bring on the
Raging 50’s (15 minute CAP)
50 Calorie Row
50 Ring Dips (purple)
50 HR Push-ups
50 Kettlebell Swings (@50lbs)
Calorie Row? OK, let’s do it. Ring Dips? Do
I have too? Even with the band they were tough and the lead I managed to find
on the Rower evaporated quickly. It’s a good thing I had watched the previous
class come to the Push-ups, because if I had tried straight away I would have
landed on my face. This WOD was deceptively tough, but I managed to get through
it 12m39s. The best part was the effort the whole #530Crew put out to get it
I’m not sure what the next couple of days
will hold, but rest assured I will be ready on Sunday. Hopefully…


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