Adapt and Learn

Have you seen this Baz?
Wednesday (Nov 26) – Leading and designing
the Warm-up Part 2. After Monday, I got feedback from Tavia and tried to
incorporate that into how I lead. It was a ton of fun and that’s how I needed
to start approaching things. Stop being nervous, be who I am and always keep
getting better. Tonight we had Wendler Deadlifts, Shoulder Press and Pause Back
Squats. Lots of work and we needed to get everything toasty.
50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 Skips
In Between each round
5 Ball Slams
5 Burpees
Partner Banded Lunges
The Partner Lunges were something I haven’t
seen before and they were interesting. It was tough to keep tension in the band
(the exercise was designed to open the hips) and with a full class there was a
bit of a traffic jam. Here I needed to set up the path a little better and make
it a bit more organized. Lesson learned. With every class come new lessons.
It wasn’t all fun games though. After last
night’s Wallball Bonanza, I figured I would get Week 5 Day 2 in. Well, the
repeat of Week 5 Day 2. After I got through the 500m my legs started to get
nice and warm, but I could feel the Wallballs. All of them.
505m Row
5x100m Sprints
3x250m (47.8s, 46.2s and 46.9s)
3x500m (1m36.9s, 1m39.1s and 1m36.7s)
3x750m (N/A, N/A and N/A)
Unlike yesterday’s Rows, today was not
faster. In fact I was at least a second slower across the board and I barely
got through the last 500m. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything left for the
3x750m Rows at the end. Sometimes you can only do what your body will let you
Tomorrow is another day…

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