Misty Monday Morning

Post WOD rocking the new headband I forgot to use on Saturday!
It’s been nice to be ‘off’ this weekend.
Normally I am busy, busy, busy. I don’t like to sit still and as a result it
can be a bit difficult to get training sessions in. Following the Canuck Games
I felt pretty good, but as the day went on I started noticing a few aches and
pains. @SavannahJessie and I were going to hit up some Yoga classes, but at the
last minute we decided to just relax and enjoy the weekend. Turned out to be a
great decision because I felt really charged up for the Holiday Monday WODs @CrossFitCanuck.
6,550m Run
3 Dive Bombers
10 Burpees
I decided to see how a training run before
a WOD would affect my performance and today seemed like the day to try it.  In misty conditions I headed out for a 6.55KM
run in 45m21s (including 5KM in 34m38s) around the box. I remembered to pack
water and tunes which made this run way more enjoyable then Wednesday evening.
I average 6m55s/KM (WOOHOO!!!) and the Garmin says that I burned off 881
calories. With an adjustment to my heart rate monitor, the numbers look a
little more believable and I had an average of 147BPM, maxing out at 168BPM
(sprint finish).  My run cadence was
160SPM with a max of 192SPM. I got back just in time for the 11am class
warm-up, but other then the Dive Bombers and Burpees (1 round with no Run), I
was as warm as needed.
WOD (35 minute running clock)
At 0m00s
7 minute EMOM
3 Power Snatch (starting @65lbs, ending
At 10m00s
10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2
HSPU (Box)
1 Rope Climb (in between Rounds)
At 20m00s
50 Wallballs (@20lbs)
21 Pistols (24” Box)
15 Clean & Jerk (@135lbs)
9 Pull-ups
9 Ring Dips (Purple)
50 Wallballs
Holy Moly! Wallballs are a whole other
thing after a long run in the morning. I had to dig deep for energy to complete
the movements, but I got near the point where there wasn’t anything left. I was
pretty happy with the Snatch, mostly because my 1RM is 145lbs so I was working
heavy for me. HSPUs and Rope Climbs. Ugh. Attempted the first Rope Climb
straight out, but I was still shredded from Saturday. 3x Mods for me. We all
ended up finishing under the CAP (4m24s). We then got an almost 5 minute rest!
That’s unheard of, but being honest, today I needed it. We setup for the last
section and headed out. By this point I was pretty tired, but I managed to get
15 Wallballs in the second set done before I ran out of time. It was a good
effort all around by the #11amClass on a holiday Monday.
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretch
Back Stretch
It was a quick BWOD/Cash-out today because
I was out of juice. Overall though I was pretty happy that I was still able to
function after the run and WOD. It was a great way to spend a Monday and I hope
everyone makes it back safely from wherever they were visiting.  I’m really not looking forward to work
tomorrow, but you have to pay to play so it’s back to the grind. 
The goal for tomorrow (which is a ‘rest
day’) is to get out for a slow recovery run at some point. I’m hoping that will
be the morning, but I won’t be picky and will be listening to the old bod


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