The Familiar Turned Sideway

So Dr. Spin had a look at my various issues and had his
hands full. My ankles were a mess, popliteus (a muscle that works unlocking and
locking the knee during walking) hated life and my hip flexors were a gong
show. Me, I had a giant smile on my face knowing that this would help in the
long run. He also went to town on my lats, which have been causing problems
fully locking out at the top of movements. He also presented an opportunity to
me (that I will fill you in officially on tomorrow), that if it happens could
400m Run
5 Inch Worms
10 Good Mornings
15 Squats
The Squats were tough. Getting to the bottom was presenting
a challenge and my right ankle was refusing to do anything. This is not how you
want to go into a Texas day. First up was a Front Squat EMOM (5 minutes) at
135lbs, 150lbs, 165lbs, 175lbs and 185lbs for 5 reps. The first 3 rounds went
fine, but on the 4th one I was having trouble getting my elbows up
(because of my stupid lats) and as a result I couldn’t get everything completed.
We then took a spin on Deadlifts and turned them on their ear. Speed Deadlifts.
1 quick pull, ride the bar back down, hold for 3 seconds, shake out for a
couple of seconds and then hold the bar for 10 seconds before going again.
Confused? Well all you need to know is that my quads were SCREAMING. Every 20
seconds for 5 minutes at 225lbs.
WOD (15 minute CAP)
20 Ring Dips (Purple Band)
20 Burpees over Box (24”)
30 Toes to Bar
30 Ring Push-ups
I managed to finish this in 11m03s, but it was tough. The
Ring Push-ups were a mod that Jillian gave me to protect and strengthen my
wing. She said they would be crispy and there was no doubt that they were.  It was a quick and dirty one tonight and the
hardest part were the Burpees over Box. Surprisingly the Toes to Bar were
pretty, well, not easy, but better than the Open.  They need to start coming from the hang, but
until then I will keep plugging away.
5 Chest to Bar
5 Pull-ups
Glute Stretch
Knee to Wall
Shoulder Mobility (Rings)
Hip Stretches
With the heavy part of the week over, I’m hoping that my
body can handle the rest of the planned activities. Tomorrow’s WOD and a Run on
Friday if the hip holds up. Homework tomorrow and a doozy I’m sure.


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