Big Announcement!!

Do you know what Ventoux is? (No Googling Allowed)
No, well let me tell you a little story. I like to ride my
bicycle. No secret there. June 1st this year I will be participating
in my 4th Becel Ride for Heart (and if you would like to donate to
my 75km ride, just click here). Two years ago we tried to organize a cycling
trip. It would have been the opportunity of a lifetime. Sadly the plan fell
apart. Two days ago I was offered another opportunity and today the tickets
were booked. Mount Ventoux is located in Southern France, has an elevation of
1,912m (6,732ft) and has been a part of the Tour de France multiple times. In
May, I will be riding to the summit. 5 days of riding through Avignon and the
south of France with Dr. Spin (followed up 12hrs after landing in Toronto with
the Ride for Heart).
Freaking out a bit, but so EXCITED!!!!
Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming…
400m Run
10 Good Mornings
10 Spiderman Lunges
10 Scorpion Twists
10 Push-ups
10 Kettlebell Swings (@35lbs)
I spent some extra time tonight trying to loosen up the hot
mess occupying the space where a normal person’s lats would be.  Lacrosse ball to the lat… painful. Coach D
(@DefconRX) gave me some mods because the Snatch was not going to happen in a
safe manner. We started with 10 minutes to compete 7 Squat Cleans moving up in
weight after every successful lift.  I
managed to get to 170lbs. Next was 3 pulls, from 2” off the floor, bottom of
the knee and from the hang twice every 90 seconds.
WOD (AMRAP, 20 minute CAP)
400m Run
20 Kettlebell Swings (@50lbs)
500m Row
10 Ring Rows
All day the weather was gorgeous. 15 minutes before I left
for the box, it turns overcast and follows that up with rain. Well a little bit
of rain won’t stop Canucks from running. It felt good to have the runs back as
part of our WODs. I managed to finish 3 full rounds plus a Run. It was a fun
little race with Laurice who thought he was free and clear, but almost got
tracked down from behind. Never slow down bro. I was really happy with the Row,
all 3 of them were within a second of each other (1m41.6s, 1m41.2s and
6 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 second Hollow Rock Holds
It was a great night tonight and @CADPRO00 and Laurice both
hit the Cash-out (well done boys). Everything felt good except my stupid lats.
I’m sure they just need a cool down period and probably some TLC. Getting
through the Cash-out was tough, but sucking it up and adding a BWOD was
tougher. It got done though.
5 Chest to Bar
5 Pull-ups
Deep Squats (Rig)
Coach D Hamstring Stretch
Shoulder Mobility (Band)
Ankle Mobility (Plate)
Back Rollout
Glute Stretch
Quad Stretch
Hip Stretches
Lots of mobility work tonight because lets be honest, I need
it badly. If I’m going to be climbing some serious French Alps then I need to
be putty. The strength is fine, but the motor needs a tune-up after a long
winter of not running.


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