Look who’s coaching! That’s right kids, my first class with
Coach Ade (@missade3). The @CrossFitCanuck Coaching community has grown again
and it just seems to get more and more awesome. Congrats Ade! Now I was a bit
nervous going into tonight, mostly because of the Back Squats, but after my
adjustment yesterday, Dr. Spin gave me a green light. He did some work and
determined that structurally I was A-Ok (whew) and the issue was just muscles.
Mobility, mobility and more mobility.
500m Row
2 Rounds of
40 Skips
15 Squats
10 Push-ups
So we had some serious overhead work on tap for today and I
was determined to give it a go. Now I wouldn’t be going at my numbers, but I
would work up to something challenging and go from there.  Working with @keilshammer we started with a
Shoulder Press and Push Press combo. I worked up to 100lbs and we went with 5
reps of each, every 90 seconds. Once we finished that we moved on to a Back
Squat-Back Rack Push Press-Back Squat-Back Rack Split Jerk complex. That was definitely
a new one and guess what? This kid did it! First back rack to overhead since
the dawn of time. Very encouraging with the open coming up!
WOD (15 minute CAP)
500m Row
20 Power Cleans (@165lbs)
50 Pull-ups
20 Front Rack Lunges (@165lbs)
Oh baby! The Row and Power Cleans? Slap my sideways and call
me Sally (don’t really).  I may have come
out of the gate a bit too strong with a 1m30s 500m, but I felt really good and
probably could have shaved another 5 seconds off if I didn’t have a boatload of
lifting to do after. The Power Cleans were tough, but not crazy heavy. My goal
today was do RX for the whole WOD and I knew that the Pull-ups were going to be
the killer. I tried to keep from kipping (as Jillian ordered), but I still
kipped a couple. I capped out at 31 Pull-ups and I was cooked.
Big congrats to #530Crew who rocked it and to @sarahbassels
who hit the cap and still kept going to finish the WOD. Awesome and inspiring.
Glute Stretch
Groin Stretch
Back Rollout
Calf Smash (with Lacrosse Ball)
Hip Stretch
Now I didn’t manage to get my homework in, but I will try
and get it done tomorrow. Lots still to get done before I head out for another
week and then the Open. Plus it’s tough to focus on homework when you get a handcrafted bacon bouquet. 


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