Core Strength

Now before you start envisioning my rock hard and rippling
abs. Wait. Picture them. Hold it. Hold it. OK, now stop. Core Strength is a
medical facility where I went to receive treatment from @luvmousey and
@SarahBassels Jedi Master, Ian M. Little did I know that this was the same
place the German Catt has been trying to get me to go to since, well, forever.
Don’t worry Catt, I said hello to Ken. I’m basically at the point where I will
try anything to get this shoulder better and MAT (Muscle Activation Therapy),
you are on deck. Voodoo. That’s what this was. It was unbelievable to see what
Ian did and got my body to do. Picture lying on a table and being unable to
stop your legs from being moved. Roll on your side, have your lats poked and
try again, only to find that your legs cannot be budged. It was surreal. Turns
out my lat, external obliques and serratus anterior were not working at all.
500m Row
PVC Shoulder Work
What better to see if it works then to head to
@CrossFitCanuck and throw some bars around. 30 seconds on, 1m30s rest for 24
minutes we would be working on a reverse Clean & Jerk Ladder. 3 Rounds at
each of the following weights, 135lbs, 125lbs, 115lbs and 105lbs. I was working
lighter than RX, because I didn’t want to over do it, especially after having
received a treatment. Most reps completed per round were 5, 5, 6 and 8. I was
crispy after this, but since this is open training, we weren’t finished here.
WOD (15m CAP)
5 Rounds for Time
30 Kettlebell Swings (50lbs)
15 Lunges (95lbs)
7 Snatches (95lbs)
HOLY! The WOD doesn’t look particularly demanding, but let
me tell you, those Kettlebell Swings sucked the energy out of you. Really?
Energy suckers? I was trying to catch Baz and it was getting near the CAP. My
body was tired and my mind was screaming drop the bell. Enter @matt_5577. He
kept both of us moving and looking to get just one more rep. I finished 3
Rounds + 22 Kettlebell Swings. The key part is that the WOD was done at RX,
including the Power Snatches (which were the first Snatches done in a long
Hip Stretches
Glute Stretch
Serratus Anterior Stretch
Latissimus Dorsi Stretch
Everything wasn’t wine and roses though and my shoulder was
feeling some discomfort before and during the WOD. First I thought something
was really wrong, but when I figured out the issue I realized how good Ian was.
The pain and discomfort I was feeling wasn’t the shoulder (but located around
the shoulder) and it ended up being the muscles that had been protecting the
joint for the last few months. They realized that all the muscles that had been
turned ‘off’ were now doing their jobs and that they could relax.  Problem was they had been contracted for 2
months and were now a bit grumpy.  I’m intrigued
to see what appointment 2 holds.


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