Party of 2

What the heck is going on with the #530Crew? I know some of
our regulars are currently pregnant, but I was pretty sure I was going solo
tonight. Lucky for me Sharon also made an appearance so it wasn’t a solo effort.
I was still a bit crispy from yesterday and at 330p I wasn’t 100% confident I would
even be able to go to class. Geek Moment, brace yourself. We’ve been working on
an upgrade for the last few months and it has been tough sledding. There’s
nothing like spending 3 months looking at the same configurations trying to
figure out why the eff it isn’t working (and shockingly, Google was useless).
Finally today with 3 separate companies working with us, Geek Master Beez
figured out what needed to happen and voila, we are in business.

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
Some DUs with the Cheese Grater

Now this WLC has been a bit of a life change so far and I won’t
lie, I am missing Whey Protein and my pre-WOD drinks (AMRAP or BioSteel). It is
forcing me to pay close attention to labels and it’s shocking how much crap is
in the food we eat. All told though, during the WODs this week I felt like I haven’t
been firing on all cylinders. Today we were working on a 5 minute EMOM Push
Press (from the Split) @105lbs. It was interesting to see how the change in
foot position affects the weight and how 105lbs felt really heavy today. I
loaded up to 125lbs and used the plates to do the next 5 minute EMOM of 2 Pause
Front Squats. It was pretty cool to see the difference the plates made and how
deep into the Squat I could go with weight (finally). I’m not saying I’m ready
to go super heavy yet (elbows up is still a problem), but I’m getting closer.

WOD (AMRAP, 12 minute CAP)
10 HSPU (Box)
15 Box Jumps (16” Box)
20 Shoulder to Overhead (@115lbs)
25 Pull-ups (Green Band)
20 DUs

Today was the first time I used the new Rope and boy is it
fast (and painful). Based on the picture of my hand, I may smacked a vein
pretty good, but it seems all the damage was done to my left hand (looks like I
need to wear a glove). I managed to finish 1 full round plus 15 Pull-ups (and
everything up to Pull-ups). It felt pretty good to lift 115lb overhead, but I had
to break the 20 up to take it a bit easier.

50 Heavy Russians

Basically the Cash-out was half a normal Kettlebell
Swing.  Somehow I got a bit discombobulated
and missed the 3xME Tempo Push-ups.

50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions (@25lb Kettlebell)
Hip Stretches

I really wasn’t up to a BWOD again today, but we all have
homework from Jillian so off to the GHD I went. With 2x50lb Kettlebells holding
the frame down, I felt much more comfortable on my second attempt. I need to up
the intensity next week (to be fair, the ankle really limited me the last two
days). I’m scheduled for a 10KM run Saturday morning with Bruce from work (and I’m
a bit nervous because Brucey is a runner) and then the Big K Family Reunion. A
busy weekend with a bunch of tough dietary choices.


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