Goals Reached, Still No Resolutions

254 days ago (just before January 1st), roughly 2
weeks after I signed up for my membership @CrossFitCanuck, Tavia had us write
our goals for 2013 on the white board. Everyone wrote something that was
important to them and I was no different. Now as I said, I don’t believe in  resolutions.They are just promises you make once a year and will probably end
up breaking. I like what Tavia has done, set goals instead and do your best to
work towards them. My goals were two-part, one health related and one
performance related. One of those goals is now complete. If you’ve been
following along you know that my weight has plummeted and yesterday morning I hit
275lbs. Yes, that is big deal and with the Whole Life Challenge on the go that
number is going to drop.

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
2 Rounds of
5 Beat Swings
10 Lunges
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Today did not go well. Auspicious beginning, maybe, but I got
done in by uneven pavement. Can you believe that stupidity? On my warm-up run
with Mel and @SarahBassels I was taking it easy (my ankle was stiff with the
impending weather change) and as I got to the last 100m I decided to pick up
the pace. Stepped funny and jammed my ankle. Really? Klutz? You bet. I tried to
loosen it up with the lacrosse ball and some stretching, but as soon as we
started Warm-up ‘B’ I couldn’t even lift up to my toes. Balls. We worked on a 4
movement complex (3 Hang Power Snatch, 3 OHS, 3 Squat Snatch and 3 Lunges) and I
worked at 55lbs. Not a heavy weight, but I had trouble with any motion that
involved dorsi flexion. I was pretty discouraged, but Tavia was adamant that
work is work and keeping track of the why’s and how’s is important.

WOD (For Time)
3 Wall Walks
30 Kettlebell Snatch (@35lbs, 15 each arm)
3 Wall Walks
30 Ring Dips (Green Band)
3 Wall Walks
30 Wallball (20lbs)
3 Wall Walks
30 Kettlebell Snatch

I tried to use the Purple Band for this WOD but my shoulder
almost came out of the socket so I went up. This was a spicy one. It’s funny
how far you progress when you don’t have a choice sometimes. During the Canuck
Games one of the events called for Wall Walks where thighs touch the wall. I
had never even gotten close to that before, now that’s the minimum standard I will
hold myself too. I worked hard on the Snatches with the 35lb Kettlebell and it
felt good to be working with the same weight on both arms. WOD time for me was
16m00s and I got a high-five for my steadily improving times.

2×30 Partner Leg Push Downs
And my sock?

Now @SarahBassels had some issues with spilling the precious
Recovery and we worked through the Push Downs. Everybody did some mobility
afterwards, but my ankle was still pretty spicy so discretion would be the
better part of valor tonight. 1 ankle, put up and iced as instructed by my
various friends with medical training (even though nobody has said anything
yet). Hopefully it clears up so I can complete a run tomorrow.


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