Maximum Power

Decisions, decisions on a very lovely Friday in the Big
Smoke. With plans to visit friends in Brantford on Friday night and a seriously
tough week at the box I did contemplate skipping Friday’s session
@CrossFitCanuck.  The only problem with
that plan was Friday’s WOD was CrossFit Total. It’s a benchmark WOD consisting
of 1 rep max(s) in the Back Squat, Shoulder Press and the Deadlift. This was a
WOD we did when I first started CrossFit and this would be an incredible
opportunity to have a workout that could show how much I’ve improved. Pretty
easy decision when you put it that way, off to the box.

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
2 Rounds of
10 Inch Worms
10 Good Mornings
10 Squats
10 Push-ups

There was no Warm-up ‘B+’ today and since today WOD be very
intense, no Buy-in or Cash-out (actually there was a Cash-out, but with so many
people everyone skipped it).  The way
CrossFit Total works is you have 3 attempts to get to a 1 rep max in the 3
movements.  If you fail a lift 3 times
then you are finished that movement. 
Simple and straight forward. The total of all your 1 rep weights get
added up and that number becomes your CrossFit Total.  The first time I did this WOD my score was
375 (November 2012).

CrossFit Total
1RM Back Squat
1RM Shoulder Press
1RM Deadlift

I started off on the rack as the previous class moved to the
Deadlift. There wasn’t a lot of time spent warming up, but I did work hard to
try and make sure every rep got close to parallel. I didn’t think I would be
hitting PR’s in anything today because of how sore my shoulders were, but I figured
I had no reason to hold back.  As the
weights went up, Tavia was on me like a hawk to make sure I was getting full
depth and she “No Rep’d” me a bunch (it’s kind of like being sworn at). In the
end it was a 5lb PR in the Back Squat, finishing at 310lbs.

Shoulder Press next. The big difference between this and the
Push Press is that you can’t bounce, it has to be straight up. I had another
low total here and I worked up to some heavy (for me) weights. Tavia made sure I
wasn’t bouncing and that I was working hard (and getting the head through does
help a bunch) and @DefconRX gave me some good advice for this move, add weights
slowly because it gets heavy quick. 40lb PR in the Shoulder Press for a new 1
rep max of 135lbs.

For someone who wasn’t going to go hard, by the time I got
to the Deadlift, I was really digging it. Once again I didn’t spend a whole lot
of time building towards my current 1 rep max (315lbs), but I did enough to get
yelled at because my butt was coming up. @DefconRX get pushing me for weights
(thanks D, those suggestions were right on the money) and when I got near the
end it was my 3rd attempt at 385lbs that scored me my final number
(sorry for cursing a bit there Canucks). I had the right to keep going, but I knew
that for today I was done.

New CrossFit Total = 830

For those doing the math on their fingers, that’s an increase
of 455 points in 4 months!!!!

Good Luck this weekend to the Canucks competing in CompWOD!


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