As Promised

My body was exhausted this morning. Not just regular
exhausted, but sleep through the first of two alarms that go off every morning
exhausted. After a daily double I was cooked, but I was good to go for tonight’s
WOD. My ankles were feeling better today, but the right one still has a bit of
a lock going on.  I also seem to have
caught a case of Crispy @CrossFitCanuck Back, which basically means my back
wasn’t awesome.

This is where it gets exciting kids, because when I got to
the box the warm-up included Pull-ups. I said yesterday that it was time to go
to the Green Band, so, as photographed I’ve made the jump.

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
2 Rounds of
10 Good Mornings
10 Squats
5 Pull-ups
20 Mountain Climbers

Warm-up ‘B+’
3 Jump Shrugs
3 High Pulls
3 Muscle Snatch
3 Drop Snatch
3 Sots Press
5 Duck Walk (Forward)
5 Duck Walk (Backward)
3 Bounces

There was no Buy-in or Cash-out tonight, we were going all
out for a Skill/WOD combo platter of fun. It was going to start of slow and
steady and then shift gears into simply ludacris speed (Spaceballs Reference).

3 minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)
1 Power Clean and 1 Squat Clean
2 minute Every 10s
1 Power Clean and 1 Squat Clean

We finished up and then had 10 minutes to find a 1 rep max
Squat Clean. Now I didn’t have a number, but I worked to make sure that I got
low and kept my elbows up.  @DefconRX
watched my last rep and said that I am getting closer and closer to parallel.  I finished with a 1 rep max of 155lbs.

6 minute AMRAP
5 Power Cleans (@135lbs)
10 Front Squats (@135lbs)
5 Push Jerks (@135lbs)
Rest 1 minute
7 minute AMRAP
400m Run
ME UB HSPU (From the Box)

I finished the first AMRAP with 2 full rounds plus 3 Power
Cleans and the second AMRAP with 2 full rounds plus 34 HSPU (modified). The
first AMRAP was some kind of crispy when I got to the Jerks. There was a moment
when I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get the weight overhead.  I’m pretty shredded and as excited as I am to
hit the CrossFit Total tomorrow, I may actually have to take the day off. I’ll
have to think about that.

3×20 GHD Back Extensions
10 Deep Squats (Rig)
Shoulder Stretches (Band)
10 Deep Squats (@95lbs)
5 Candlesticks
Hip Stretches
Back Rollout
Calf Rollout

I’m going to take it easy tonight and rollout some
more.  Hopefully after a good nights’
sleep I will feel good enough to WOD tomorrow. I’m still aiming for either a
bike, swim or a run. Have to play that by ear.


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