Someone Went For a Run

Ok, if you made it this far you’ve probably figured out that
the someone was me. Well, shockingly you are correct.  After being inspired to redouble my efforts
this weekend, there was no time like today to start. Inspired you say? That’s
right, I had the privilege of going to CompWOD (a CrossFit Competition) which
was invaded by @CrossFitCanuck Teams on Sunday morning. Now it was a quarter to
the crack of early when the Canucks started throwing down (and in one case
almost steamrolling a competitor that got in the way), but everyone
REPRESENTED! You guys were amazing! Big congratulations also go to @zlreyes and
Iron Anne for finishing 3rd in Division A!

With that in mind (and the knowledge that Jillian has said I
will be 285lbs by the end of May), I did not hit snooze on the alarm when it
went off at 5:20am. Ugh, being a super star is going to be ugly. Now seeing as I’m
slowly embracing the concept of running as an activity that you can do for fun
(and not as a life skill to evade Zombies) I geared up. I then realised it was
raining. I’m starting to ‘like’ running, but let’s not get crazy, I don’t like
it that much.  Not feeling like the spinner
(and being geared up already), down to the condo gym I go for some treadmill

For some reason the treadmill and I don’t get along.  I have pace control issues and my ankles seem
to despise that machine. OK, how do we do this? Well in a creative groove the
last couple of days, I invented fast intervals 3×2. A quick warm-up walk at 6.5
KM/h pace and then intervals of 3 minute recovery walk (at the 6.5 KM/h pace)
followed by 2 minutes at 11.5KM/h. As I get more accustomed to this activity,
the recovery intervals will shorten and the runs will get longer, but I was
pretty happy for Day 1.

A 35 minute session (includes 5 minute cool down) covering
4.5 KMs. Overall I felt pretty solid with an average pace of 7m46s per KM (this
includes all the recovery and the warm-up/cool down) with a 5m14s per KM best
pace. Average heart rate was 132 BPM and I maxed at 166 BPM. Average cadence
was 69 strikes per minute and my max was 87 SPM. Best part though was the 586
calories the computer says that I burned before 7am. Add to that a serious
looking WOD tonight and it looks like today will be action packed.


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