Congratulations @ManekiFit

I want to send my congratulations to @zreyes, @msz.vee, @eriqueleug and @kk_sie on the opening of  @manekifit! This foursome recently opened up their gym which is a beautiful space and celebrated with an open house this weekend. I got a chance to checkout the gym, take some new barbells for a ride and WOD with some old friends.

Hi @Msz.Vee

Now I haven’t been a regular workout participant and Shoulder Press was on the board… how was my shoulder going to respond?  Coach Z provided a solid warm-up and some solid reps in the rack had feeling confident that everything was going to be ok! The numbers kept climbing and I ended up pushing more weight overhead than I have in a long time! Finished with 105lbs overhead for the 3 sets of 1 rep.


Shoulder Press (Find Heavy)

5 Rounds

KB Overhead Carry
10 KB Shrugs
20 Superman Holds

Did I mention it was a beautiful space? Thank you to this group for hosting us for some fun and congrats on a great facility. Coach Z thanks for the class, the programming was excellent.  We got a good sweat on and my shoulders are going to be happy crisp for a couple of days! If you are in the 404 & Steeles area go check out the folks at @manekifit for a workout (Manekifit).  If you tell the BigBrnz sent you, they will probably give you a high-five!


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