#BigBrnzChallenge November

Welcome to Mo-Vember!!

How did you do during the October #BigBrnzChallenge?  Did you get all 1,000 Lunges? I. Did. Not. I struggled mightily with this challenge and though I had the best intentions and even did Lunges while travelling I came up well short.  Even with the modifications, there was too much discomfort for me to continue. That’s okay though, I tried, I didn’t succeed and November is a new month to try again.  Are you ready, because this one is going to be a little bit different…

November #BigBrnzChallenge

This month’s challenge has nothing to do with the gym or even being outside.  This month is all about the food! I can already feel the raised eyebrows and the thoughts of dafuq? We all know that food is a part (a large one) of a healthy lifestyle that includes working out and sleep, so this month we are going to do some cooking. Why? Well the challenge is to NOT eat out for the ENTIRE month? I will give you a minute to pick yourselves up off the floor <waiting patiently> OK, this means, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are made at home. No snacking at McDonald’s. No breaks at Chipotle. Your three principle meals are not at a restaurant (or from a restaurant).  Silver star and a high five if you get 25 of 30 days clean and a GOLD STAR and HIGH TEN if you get EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Post the pictures of your creations on Instagram and tag #BigBrnzChallenge and #ItBrnz. I will do a random drawing of one of the pictures for a write up as a recipe in the Food & Nutrition section of bigbrnz.com.

Happy Cooking!


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