Doing Maintenance

We all know that eating well and exercising regularly are so important, but what else are you doing to keep your body functioning? I really believe in investigating all the options that are available and investing in your health. I also make full use of my employer provided benefits to ensure I’m maximizing the options available to me. Do you take regular care of your body? What do you do? Eat well? Drink lots of water? Get those mythical eight hours of sleep (which is like trying to find a unicorn)?

Sure, we all strive for those things, but sometimes you have to do those extra things. As someone who has been injured (a lot), I’ve tried a lot of different things including supplements, health care providers and treatments.  Some work… some less so. Still when you find one that is AWESOME you have to share it with everyone.  I mean, how else will everyone else find out? So here is my gift to you…

Getting Pinned

Now this was something that I was initially leery of. I mean everyone has seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour bit where Bill Engvall jokes about the Acupuncturist that forgets a pin in his head. Or maybe it was just me that found that terrifying.  Once I found @energytreeanne though, I was changed. Just look back on this post about Buddha’s Triangle and the feeling of stress relief and calm from anxiety it brought me. She has also been treating me for digestion, arthritis, fertility and just about everything else.  She is a rockstar and just opened up a new clinic at 1260 Yonge St (so check her out).


Terrified. That’s how my foray into Chiro started. Wait, the way this reads I was scared of everything. No one is cracking this neck. Period. That was until I met the miracle worker affectionately known as Dr. Spin (or by his handle @drchrismusclecare). This genius got my body aligned the way it was supposed to be (did I mention we then biked up a mountain). I made him work for it, but if he can fix me, then you should be a piece of cake.  Dr. Spin diagnosed that my Talus (foot bone that’s supposed to slide into a grove at the bottom of the leg) was stuck. That release was GLORIOUS and helped me recover some of my range of motion! I still do maintenance visits to various Chiropractor’s at @richmondwellness, but I’m heading back to the master for a reset(I hope you are ready for me @drchrismusclecare).

O Natural…

I’ve just started seeing Dr. Stephanie at @richmondwellness this week, but it’s my second round with a Naturopath and I saw good results. Our goal will be to address inflammation in my joints, work on appetite control and general body maintenance. The first session was interesting and since I already do a bunch of things already, we are starting slowly. She recommended Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) as a way to inhibit the cells that cause inflammation (I will report back on its effectiveness).  It’s something new and has shown promise. After a month of monitoring my diet and seeing how I react to the PEA, we’ll reevaluate.

So, what have you learned here? Mostly that I’m scared of lots of things… Actually what you should take away from this is that there are lots of different ways to care for the body (and I’ve only listed a few). We could add physio, supplements, vitamins, yoga, mobility, strength training and a thousand other things to this list. I get regular massages, I walk everyday with @rorofrommexico and try to stretch daily. There’s even research underway to acquire a standing desk.

You have to take care of yourself and doing these things doesn’t have to be after an injury.  Day to day life takes its toll on us. Sitting at a desk all day. Being on our feet all day. Not eating properly.  All these things add up and I encourage you (very strongly) to start preventative maintenance to keep you running in peak condition and to help you bounce back when something unpleasant does happen.


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