The League of Garmin

Welcome to the League of Garmin! That was the email I received from the good folks in Kansas and to be honest, I didn’t think there was a chance of being selected. Was I excited? Heck yeah! I’ve made no secret over the years about my love of Garmin devices and how I use them.  Add to that the Customer Service I got when I did run into issues and my new watch and you have a Garmin Fanboy.  A social media post calling for applications for the #LeagueofGarmin popped up one day and I took a shot and applied.  And out of the thousands of applicants, I got chosen…

What is the #LeagueofGarmin

The League is a group of athletes and enthusiast who are Garmin users and are social media influencers. We will get access to Product Announcements, Information on Events as well as other perks and giveaways. Pretty cool eh? We get to show the World our love of Garmin and how we use the products on a daily basis.  Honestly, have I mentioned that I’m excited? I’m really looking forward to putting my Fenix6X through its paces and try out all of the features and options.

Stay tuned for more posts and fun to get rid of the boredom of another lockdown.  They won’t all be about my showing you pictures of my watch, but it is the tool I use most day-to-day. No matter what you are rocking for tracking, remember, if you don’t measure you can’t track progress. If you are interested in becoming a #LeagueofGarmin member, click here.


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