Stick to the Plan

Sometimes it’s really hard to stick to the plan. You feel good and you want to push.  There a digital badge (or two) up for grabs if you stretch just a bit further. What’s the cost though? Can your body handle it?  Is it worth it to throw the plan out the window and go for the glory? How will this affect the other things that you are working or working on? So many questions… Let’s break it down.

What is the Plan?

One of my goals for 2021 was to run a 10K. Truth be told I want to be able to enjoy running the 6-10k distances on a regular basis.  The plan to make this happen is to run 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Distances between 4k and 8k with a cap of 18k per week (or there about).  Where it gets tricky is that there are lots of badges and challenges to try and get you to push your mileage. I personally have to be careful because even during marathon training my weekly mileage never exceeded 80k and I am susceptible to injury.

Accessories for the Win!

It can’t all be about the running and the cardio though and there are some extras that also have to happen. The plan includes two scheduled workouts on the bike with intensity dependent on how I’m feeling. Feel good and you go all out. Tired, then it becomes a recovery ride. @savannahjessie has also been on me (rightly so) about increasing my strength workouts which have been in decline since COVID.  I’m still working out the format and timing but strength is definitely required.

So there’s my plan. What have you been doing since 2021 started.  Have you found something that has really been working for you?  Drop a note in the comments and share it. Maybe it will be something that inspires someone else.


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