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Happy Turkey and Oktoberfest!!!

Aside from cobbling together a food posting while in transit to SecTOR (a cyber security conference for all the geeks out there), it has been crazy. Everything has been sideways for the last little while through a combination of work, study, life, activity and everything else. Is this different from what’s going on in your life? Nope, probably not. If we all had the time we needed or wanted things would be very different. Now while this sounds repetitive, I always promised to tell the truth and give you the nitty gritty about this little journey to health i’m stumbling along. Hopefully you can take away something useful. An ‘a-ha’ moment that the struggles you face are faced by some others as well or maybe a hint or tip buried somewhere in my ramblings.


So how did your September Challenge go? Did you get through the 2,500 sit-ups? If you did, CONGRATULATIONS!!! If not, don’t stress, you will do better this month. The goal of these challenges is to give you a reason to do that little bit extra. These will all be movements that you can do anywhere (for the most part) and chipping away at them just might help to get you moving on those days you don’t want to.  This month is a multi level challenge, 1,000 Push-ups in October to complete the challenge, 1,500 and you get a Gold Star and if you can get to 2,000 well it’s a Platinum Badge for you! Check this link for the details CHALLENGE.


Not Just One!



Now it’s no secret that my knees have been terrible. Through a combination of a few extra pounds (and to be honest, more than a few) and some medical stupidity by my surgeon, there are days when everything feels good and others where nothing works. On a Wednesday in the middle of September i ran into the latter and it took a session from @functionalanatomy.


Lean & Clean

With the Challenge in exactly the opposite place I need it to be, this upcoming week is going to focus on getting the calorie challenge (or at least a big part of it) completed. Combined with the BigBrnz October Challenge I should be nice and shredded and back into the swing.  Sometimes you have to kick back and live and sometimes life makes it hard to stay on the path, but you always have to keep trying.


Get back to those push-ups!




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