Week of Food (For Week 38 and 39 of 2018)


So I know I owe you two weeks worth of food updates, sorry about that. It seems that I’m always away from the office on training or conferences this last little while. That has created its own set of unique challenges.  Since I usually transit to the site and have to bring my laptop and assorted reading materials, I’m usually at the mercy of the organizers for breakfast and lunch options. Now there are times when getting something healthy and on program are almost impossible, but I feel like I’ve been able to dig out a nugget or two of healthy gold.  The trouble is the snacks, cookies and copious amounts of coffee (and not enough water). 



This is the one meal I should have complete control over and it may be the meal I’m failing at the most. I’ve been so exhausted I have been trading cooking breakfast for that extra half an hour of sleep. There were some bright spots, as long as you don’t count the hash brown potatoes and biscuits.  I managed to get a batch of Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats made on the weekend and dipped them with a seed and honey snack from Costco. Fruit might have been a better option, but I didn’t use a ton and they provided texture. @savannahjessie has been a baking/cooking machine for me during this time and whipped up a Paleo Banana Bread and her own take on the Steel Cut Overnight Oats (with fruit).




Welcome to the conferencing nightmare. I did try and get vegetables in, but the options were limited and at this most recent one I got one grape in my fruit cup. One.  On the second day, things were better and i do have to say that the beef medallions at the MTCC were probably the best i’ve ever had. Like ever.  When i actually did get to my real day job, I got one of my favourites though, Burrito Boys Naked Chicken with extra veg. Sure there were beans, rice and cheese (I’m sorry this is required), but no sour cream. 




With being all over the map, dinners have been, well not good. Even with the Lean & Clean Challenge @CrossFitCanuck as motivation, I’ve been struggling. Meal prep has been inconsistent and there have been a whole lot of eating out or events where you find yourself at a restaurant trying to find something reasonable on the menu. There may have been wins here, but not many.




The snack category has been a tough one. Conferences seem to all be working out of the same playbook, snack, give them cookies. ALL THE COOKIES! Now I don’t think I’ve ever met a chocolate cookie that I didn’t like, but I have been avoiding them (mostly).  I did score one big win during this two week period.  While visiting Highland Farms one lunch to pick up lottery tickets and apples, I picked up a container of dry roasted salted almonds. They are delicious and as long as you are mindful of quantity you can avoid massive spikes in fat and salt intake.




NONE… Or almost none. If I was in the office i managed to get my regular dosage, but any other time and it a strict fail.



And speaking of fails, they were many (again). If left to me own devices and presented with a half price till 5pm menu, bad things ensued. There was booze. Lots of craft beers, a cider or two and a little bit of whiskey. There was also a run in with an order of Truffle Fries while visiting King Taps. I tried to offset them with some fantastic chicken tacos, but I am sure I wasn’t successful. Rounding out the fail section there was also some pizza and an order (or two) of beef flat noodles).



It may sound repetitive when i say that i stumbled here and there, but this is supposed to show how hard it can be to always make the right decisions.  They should be easier, but at the end of a day when you are tired, grumpy adjust want to watch 10 minutes of Netflix while trying to have a moment with your person, things get murkier.  All you can do is keep trying to do the right thing and understand that every slice of pizza needs to be paid for (and not with cash).


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