15,330 Days and a Few More

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So, um, I’ve been gone for a while… Did you miss me? During this little hiatus I passed my 15,330rd day on ol’ Mother Earth and it has become clear to me that slipping in my health now will make it much more difficult to get it back. It’s been almost a month since my last post and I can’t really say where the time has gone. Now that’s not code for ‘Top Secret’, it’s just that I blinked and suddenly it was April? How does that even happen? Although given the weather outside (day two of the Ice Storm 2018), I’m not wholly convinced that we aren’t reliving the last weeks of March. I mean if April showers bring May flowers, what do we get with April ice pellets? I hope it’s something good, because this is pretty crappy.


Before I get too far down the rabbit hole today, I want to make an announcement (calm yourself people, it’s not that kind of announcement). I wanted to share with you the news that @SavannahJessie is taking part in the 2018 Ride to Conquer Cancer! This is a very BIG DEAL and I am very proud of my Wife for committing herself to ride 200KM over two days to support cancer research. Now as someone who has spent a lot of time in the saddle I know that this will be a challenge for all the Riders and they need our support for committing to this challenge.  I’m including a link to her donation page, please consider making one. Tax receipts are provided (and as a PSA, remember to file your taxes before the 30th of April).


Now to those of you that stuck with the Challenge for March, Great Job! Somewhere along the way (for the second month in a row), the Challenge just seemed to get away from me. One minute I’m working away at it and the next thing I know it’s April… So with everything going on (more on that later), there was no April Challenge posted. I needed to refocus and find the, activity? No. Mojo? Maybe. Time? Kinda. Drive? Not sure, to get back in the Challenge mindset. So to those of you that are following along, you get a break for April, but let’s get ready because we are going to push through for the rest of the year…



I think part of the reason things have been going sideways is that I have not been taking the best possible care of myself. I have a few small nagging, not injuries, but items that are impeding me from being the best version of myself and with a time crunch and workload, I’ve been finding that my diet has gotten out of whack.  I had a sit down with @canuckcoach to go through some more Eat to Perform, but I just haven’t been getting my sh*t together. No excuses, just unfortunately the way things have been going. However, with @savannahjessie and I working towards starting a family, I need to get better. Much better. So I will be making a very concentrated effort to get back onto the path. I know what I need to do (more water, more fiber, FOOD PREP)and the time has come to do it.



Please don’t think over the course of the last four weeks I’ve been sitting at home eating Little Caesars’s, because that hasn’t been the case. I just haven’t been as regular an attendee as I want or need to be. I have still made it to @CrossFitCanuck whenever I could, but it’s the same ol’ thing for me, make it a habit and you will just do it. @SavannahJessie has started taking the new #Sweat60 program that is being offered and I jumped in on Friday after the #530Class for the first time. It was a lot of fun and @zlreyes is really pushing the #Spicy factor. There have also been a few really good WODs, including my birthday one, which I have really enjoyed. It’s so nice to shut off the brain after a stressful day and just do work.


So what’s been the issue? Well, some of you might laugh but part of the problem is capacity… Fun right? All that CrossFit is supposed to build capacity, isn’t it? Well most days I feel like there just isn’t any room for anything else. I’m trying to hold on and do everything (or most things), but I’m always afraid I will lose grip on one of the threads or lose grip on something important (not work related).  This is probably an unrealistic expectation that has been built on years of re-enforcement, but old habits are hard to break. Just know that I am trying to get everything worked out and pointed in the proper direction…




Where do I go from here? Well ‘school’ is over in 3 weeks and then all I have is prep for the PMP (and that will be no small undertaking) and I think I finally have my workout regime planned. Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the occasional #Sweat60 if there is room in the class.  Diet will be one of the big challenges, but since I would hate to let @CanuckCoach down, I will get that going too..


Random photo of @savannahjessie and @keilshammer


Talk to you soon,


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