It Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

The build up…
Sunday (November 22) – Have you ever had
one of those embarrassing moments? Runners have them occasionally (hence all
the porta-potties that you find on running routes). When you start getting the
body moving all kind of other things get moving to. Sunday was coaches meeting
and we had ourselves a little WOD before. Nothing crazy but a little bruhahaha
burner to get a little bit of a sweat going.
15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3
Squat Clean (@95lbs)
Deadlifts (@95lbs)
Box Jumps (@24”)
I got to the end of the round of 15 and
there was no choice but to take a little detour via the locker room. I lost a
bunch of time, but what are you gonna do, sometimes those are the breaks. I did
manage to get to 4 Squat Cleans into the round of 9. Next time… PWP…
It was a lesson I learned a long time ago
and somehow forgot…


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