And Where Do We Go From Here?

Still looking for the path…
Monday (August 24) – So after my adventures
in the far reaches yesterday, I wasn’t sure what the body would allow me to do
today. I was a mess. My only thoughts upon walking in the house, get food, find
sugar, sleep… I wish I could have completed that last item a little better. I
don’t know what it was, but I could not stay unconscious. In and out for most
of the night and then the 430am alarm time for teaching. There was that and the
reintroduction of the nastiest five-letter word at @CrossFitCanuck… Pause…
4 Rounds of Rowling
10 OH Scap Activations
**Rowling Penalty
Pause Front Squats and then a spicy little
high intensity AMRAP designed to leave us in a shaking heap. Hmm, I wonder what
these legs have in them tonight. Maybe I will just start off light and stay
there. Wait, Coach Z (@zlreyes) and Tav both talked today about getting outside
of your comfort zone. I know, I know, exciting happens when you leave your
bubble, but my bubble is a great little place to be. It’s quiet, there’s good
food and it’s usually a party. Fine, lets get into it…
15 minutes to find 1 RM Pause Front Squat
***3 Seconds in the hole
10 minute AMRAP
8 HSPU (Box, Deficit)
12 Hang Power Snatch (@100lbs)
8 Burpee Over Bar
Intensity, intensity, intensity. That was
the goal today and hopefully it was well delivered.  The Front Squats felt really strong and I had
visions of a PR until I went for a lift @245lbs. Nope. Nada. No friggin dice.
Oh well, a @235lbs Pause Front Squat will have to do. For the WOD, 2 full
rounds plus 5 Hang Power Snatches. Again I felt very sure of myself, thinking I
would be working @115lbs, but thankfully we had time to set up and figure out
that it was a pipe dream today. I barely survived @100lbs. Yeesh.
2 Rounds of Rowling
***Burpee Penalty
I can happily state that during this
Warm-up I only had a 1 Burpee penalty (woohoo). Again we had a Pause Complex on
deck, but after heavy Front Squats I went a little lighter, especially since my
lower half was already fatigued. It has been awesome working with the Canuck
Lite classes, because no matter what, you are guaranteed to have a burner.
Every 90s for 6 minutes
5 Negative Goblet Squats (@25lbs)
***3 Second decent
27 – 21 – 15 – 9
Ball Slams (@20lbs)
Stone Shoulders (@20lbs)
Head down and go. Like most of the WODs
programmed for Lite and with the Open for that matter, you have the opportunity
to just do work.  You have a goal or a
target and you just get after it. 11m50s for me, but after seeing some of the
sub 10 minute times, I have goals to improve my cardio so I can push to go
There’s no real meat and potatoes tonight,
just a recap of a tired body still trying to get it done. I’m trying to figure
out how to push harder without ending up writing about how I will be spending
the next six weeks off because I overdid it. I really miss the GHD machines and
my weekly homework. That aside I have been pretty slack about BWODs and extra
homework, both of which I need to do more of if I’m going to kick up to the
wall for Push-ups or get that bodyweight Bench Press (Carm, we are still doing
this). Slowly I will be working more things in as Canuck Lite winds down and
summer comes to an end…
Stay tuned.

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