Everything is Faster With No Pants

8am Crew
Saturday (Jan 24) – Well that’s according to Coach G (@girmantitov). Clearly with or without pants, he’s not talking about my DUs, still it’s wisdom. After a Friday day off from training, I got to have my second full class of coaching (with pants on thankfully). Focusing on improving from Monday, it was cool to be able to apply the information from Tav and be able to deliver a better in-class experience.  There is still (and always will be) room for improvement, but progress is progress. It was a tough session and the #630Class got a tough 10 Rounder to work through. You guys made me proud, you worked hard and made it a pleasure to teach you.
Saturday morning I got to do something that hasn’t happened since the summer, a good, ol’ fashion 8am throwdown. Joining @girmantitov and @SarahBassels bright and early, we got some barbell work in and then hit Jay Wyles birthday WOD. Oh, birthday WODs, you are back again. For me it was Monday’s Snatch work as my catch-up. A quick warm-up and then 18 minutes, 30 seconds on and 1m30s rest.  ME Power Snatches starting at 85% and moving down. Holy. That one was REALLY tough and thanks to my lifting partners, I was able to get through it. 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 4 reps from 125lbs down to 95lbs. 
Wyles 33.0
30 Strict Pull-ups
30 DUs
3 Bear Complexes (@135lbs)
Strict Pull-ups forever. That’s what this felt like. I focused on trying to active my lats and did them as singles so that each was an isolated movement. For the next 9m10s it was the Me and the Rig. There were a few failed reps, but I just tried to keep a constant pace. I made it to the Rope and made through the DUs as quickly as I could, but I still have lots of work to do there. The CAP rolled in just as I finished 1 Bear Complex at RX+.  
One of many venues…
Someone’s Excited…
No rest for the busy though. Who knew that planning for a wedding in 20 months could be such a pain. Landmark Fee? Kiss my a$$. Venue after venue, @SavannahJessie has been doing a whole bunch of work to make sure our special day is amazing. Who knew that there is so much to consider. We had a full day (and week) checking out venues and services in order to be informed. Personally, if you can get on the open house wedding circuit for free food and booze, I would highly recommend it.


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