Running Home

What’s left after the run…
You are probably thinking, “running home”,
well of course if you go out on a run you have to get home. This is a bit
different, but I will come back to this in a bit. This morning was a struggle
and the way things felt I knew there was going to be no early run. However,
having started the Nike Coach (in the Nike+ Running App), I really wanted to
try and get one in (maybe not the 9.75KM that it was looking for). Then an idea
struck, what about a long run AFTER the WOD. Crazy? Maybe a little, but what
better way to teach your body to work under stress.
3 Rounds
5 Inch Worms
10 Ground to Overhead (15lb Plate)
15 Skips
20 Squats
MAT Pectoral Activation
Today we were working the Snatch. Stop
chuckling, that wasn’t meant to be dirty. 10 minutes to find a heavy complex of
Snatch (from the Hip), Hang Snatch and a Squat Snatch. Now, the Snatch is not
one of my best lifts, mostly because of the mobility in my shoulders and hips.
I have been working on it though. Today I hit 95lbs on the complex (Yay!). We
dropped some weight and then completed the complex above as a 5 minute EMOM
@75lbs. It was tough, but no misses and full depth. It’s the small things that
make your days sometimes.
WOD (20 minute CAP)
6 Rounds of
4 Squat Clean Thrusters (@125lbs)
16 Pistols (20” Box)
128 Skips
The Thrusters were heavy and I tried to hit
the Pistols with a 16” Box, but it was a no go. I worked hard, but I just
couldn’t get this done before I got CAPPED out. I finished 5 Rounds + 2 Squat
Clean Thrusters and just in case you are doing the math, that’s 640 skips
(wowza). Thanks to Coach Ade (@missade3) for the emergency tape (I put the roll
in your AdiPowers). Thrusters seem to carve up the fleshy part between my thumb
and index finger. No idea why, but I would have been in bad shape without the
5,190m Run
50 Heavy Russians (@50lbs, make up for
Glute Stretch
Quad Stretch
Shoulder Mobility (Band)
Ankle Mobility (Plate)
5 Pull-ups
Back Rollout
I only paused long enough after the WOD to
change shoes and strap on my heart rate monitor (and Garmin). Out the front
door and on my way. I’ve never run in this neighborhood and as I got to Markham
Rd (headed towards Ellesmere) I passed Tuxedo Court and it was here that I
realized that I used to live on this street. This was my first home before we
moved to Kitchener. It was a very cool moment, because up until then I had no
idea where the street actually was.  AT
this point I also realized that I had made a serious tactical error, no
water.  I didn’t bring my running belt so
no hydration and no music. It was not a good thing. I am pretty happy though
that I pushed through and got in 5.19KMs (with a final sprint 50) in 38m01s. My
average pace was 7m20s/KM and my average heart rate was 139BPM (maxing at
I kind of like this setup with a long run
after a WOD, but I’m not sure if I could stretch the distance much farther. This
might be something I will be adding to the BWOD once a week. 


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