Sometimes it Has to Suck

Why so scared Baz?
That’s how Jillian (yup, Tav is in Jillian mode) started the
#530Crew off tonight. After yesterday’s 10K and some angry legs for most of the
day I wasn’t sure I would be attending tonight. Jillian checked with me and
after a brief discussion she let me choose, if you are hurt make it a rest day,
tired, come in. With a little trepidation I sucked it up, decided I was just
tired and headed in for some Texas. Squatting with tired legs was going to be
800m Run
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
The 1 concession I did make was that I wasn’t going to lift
too heavy. Today was going to be a really long session at a high weight and my
body wasn’t up for that today. Work still has to be done though and
@SarahBassels was nice enough to partner up with me. Lifting every 2 minutes
for 14 minutes @160lbs. It was heavy out of the gate and I really tried to
focus on pushing from the heels with my knees out. There were a couple of lifts
where I felt like I was twisting sideways, but I guess I was still ok (cuz Tav
and @SarahBassels were watching me like hawks).
Regional Event 4 (20 minute CAP)
21 – 15 – 9 – 6 – 3 Reps of
HSPU (Box)
Front Squats (@145lbs)
Burpees Over Bar
Now the CrossFit Regionals started this past weekend (and
I’m going this weekend) and it’s always interesting to compare yourself. Their
workout involved Strict HSPU and their Front Squat was @195lbs. The average
time was 10m30s. MY time was nowhere near that, but I did manage to finish in a
time of 19m14s. This WOD sucked like 14.5 and the secret was just to keep
moving. Pick the number of Front Squats you want to hit and go get them. It was
safe to say that when the CAP time came through, the #530Crew was just a hot
sweaty mass on the floor of the box.
200m Sprint
400m Sprint
600m Sprint
I won’t lie, but I didn’t have much of a Sprint left. I ran
the whole way each time, but my hamstrings and hips did not have it in them. We
all finished them though. After the runs it was nice to sit on the logs outside
and just shoot the breeze while our bodies figured out how to move again.  With the weather forecast for the rest of the
week, this might be the only outside time we get.
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretches
3 Pull-ups
Back Stretch
Now I need a rest day. Ok, maybe I will have a rest day. I
need to get on the bike with France inching closer and closer. I don’t really
have any fear right now, but I don’t want to hold Dr. Spin back and I want to
make it to the top of Ventoux without stopping. It can take most of the day,
but I really want to make it.


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