Negative Tidalwave

#530Crew Getting Ready To Lift… and @Keilshammer
It’s interesting how much mood can affect you on a daily
basis. I’m usually a pretty positive person (mostly, but I do have a limited
amount of patience for stupidity), but today was not pretty. It started off
relatively well and I was feeling good. As the day went on, I seemed to spiral
out of control and was a not pleasant to be around. It just kept getting worse,
culminating in dumping a full coffee on the desk where I was building two new
computers.  I haven’t punched a wall in many,
many years, but the lunchroom at the Big K almost got demoed. It’s a quick
downhill from there to eating a large pizza (Relax it’s just a metaphor. Well
it is until the delivery guy gets here). Tonight, not even Deadlifts could
200m Row (Easy)
10 Shoulder Press (45lb Bar)
10 Beat Swings
10 Front Squats (45lb Bar)
10 Beat Swings
10 Good Mornings (45lb Bar)
10 Beat Swings
 New Board!!!
With Squat Therapy burning my hips, we got ready for Front
Squats, lots of Front Squats. Thanks to @SarahBassels who partnered up with me
and tried to keep me positive. Lifting every 90 seconds for 3x140lbs, 3x150lbs,
2x165lbs and 2x180lbs. I was probably going a little lighter than my actual
percentage, but I’m still nursing some tired hips. Once we got finished it was
time for some Deficit Deadlifts. YAY! Partnering up with @DefconRX, we hit 3
reps every 90 seconds @245lbs, 285lbs and 325lbs. No switch grip allowed and
unable to hook grip it (because of my thumb), made it a challenge.
Pain Tolerance Test (18 minute CAP)
2 minute ME Calorie Row
1 minute Rest
30 Power Cleans (@95lbs)
20 Pull-ups
20 Power Cleans
20 Pull-ups
10 Power Cleans
I still wasn’t feeling it and my Row suffered a bit as a
result. I still managed to get 61 calories, but I maybe could have gotten 3 or
4 more. Oh well, next time.  Originally
this WOD was Thrusters and not Power Cleans, but after my 4th one I
had pain in BOTH shoulders (seriously???!!?!?) and Coach Ade (@missade3)
modified me. I was disappointed that my body wasn’t cooperating, but sometimes
that’s how it goes (it did not improve my mood. Are you detecting a trend
here). I got to 17 Pull-ups of the 20 before I capped out.
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
5 Pull-ups
Shoulder Mobility (Band)
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretches
Back Stretch
2 Wall Walk Holds
2 Pull-ups
Thanks to Jojo and Baz for joining me with the mobility
Cash-out and my mood has been slowly been getting better. It’s weird, but the
Wall Walk Holds were actually the game changer. I was really tight to the wall
and my form was pretty good (in my opinion). I can see the light at the end of
the tunnel for all this work (@work) and then it’s time to focus on FRANCE.
Hoping for a better mood…
Countdown to France = 10 Days


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