After the Rest

What a weekend, what a weekend. I survived, I rested and I
got a chance to do some cheering for the @CrossFitCanuck teams that competed at
CompWOD (held at CrossFit Cordis in Oakville). Congratulations to all,
especially Tavia and @missade3 who finished 3rd in the Pro Division,
@akaribatman and @jeffortizz who finished 3rd in the Badass Division
and finally to @matt_5577 and @zlreyes who finished 1st in the
Badass Division. I followed that up with a nice little house party (thanks for
hosting Spillary) and finally breakfast (thanks @savannahjessie) and a nice
slow Sunday.
400m Run
15 Squat Jumps
10 Push-ups
5 Burpees
Now we are in week 2 of our Texas program which means we be
Squatting. Lots of Squatting. It may sound like a broken record but there are
some components of Beez 2.0 that may be out of warranty. Hips and shoulders
spring immediately to mind and I was hoping that after the extra days off that
everything would be back to 100%. Meh. Working with @keilshammer we had a
13m30s session, completing 4 Back Squats every 90s @175lbs. It was heavy, but
the whole #530Crew got through it. No rest here. A 5 minute session,
alternating every 30 seconds of 5 Chest to Bar and 8 Ring Dips (Purple Band). I
completed a bunch of reps (C2B), but it was fun to attempt them.
WOD (15 minute CAP)
20 Front Rack Lunges (@95lbs)
15 HSPU (Box)
30 Front Squats (@95lbs)
24 Front Squats
18 Front Squats
20 Front Rack Lunges
No overhead work again. FACK! Before the WOD I was trying to
figure out if I was having tightness in my shoulder or a heart attack
(kidding). We got down to it and I was having trouble (yet again) with getting
my elbows through the bar.  Tightness in
the lats. I managed to get through 10 Front Squats in the round of 18 when I
capped out. I couldn’t even make an attempt to finish.
1 mile Run
Team effort run tonight. We all got out and got the first
mile of the year under our belts. @SarahBassels 
kept me moving and according to my policy we had a sprint finish to
close out. Less then 30 days until the SportingLife 10K so it’s all about
getting out and getting the miles in.
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretches
Back Stretch
Back Roll-out
Not much of a homework session, but my body was tired and I didn’t
have much left. With the roll that I’ve been on for April, I’m down 10lbs and I’m
excited to keep going.  The only catch is
I have to have enough left at the end of the trip so it’s all about pacing
right now.


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