It’s a Little Cloudy

Today I got steam-rolled. Since the Chest to Bar Pull-ups 2
weeks ago I have been shredded. My shoulder has been aching to the nth degree
and it has seriously slowed me down doing a lot of things. It is at the point
now that I have an MRI scheduled for May (the earliest I could get) to get my
shoulder scanned to figure out WTF. That plus the heavy Deadlifts and I have
been struggling during WODs. Stupidly it’s also having an effect on my drive to
complete my two-a-days. Sad faces all around, but it wouldn’t be a journey if
there wasn’t a bump (or three) in the road every once and a while.
500m Row
2 Rounds of
10 Beat Swings
10 Push-ups
10 Squats
20 Jumping Jacks
Tonight’s format was a little different than normal. With
the super heavy Saturday, Monday was a light day and yesterday was heavy. That
meant that tonight was going to be a burner where we practice getting high reps
and breathing fire as Jillian likes to say (plus note the renewed use of
Jillian. Tav had us hopping tonight).
Training Day
A. 8 minute EMOM of 2 Hang Pull Doubles
B. 3 Rounds every 90 seconds 10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (Blue
C. 6 minute EMOM of 6KB Snatch (@50lbs) and 30DUs
D. 9 Rounds 30 seconds ME Push Press (@115lbs), 30 seconds
E. 3 Rounds every 90 seconds of 15 Pull-ups (Blue Band)
Wow. Canucks go all-out all the time and it is
impressive.  Some of the numbers that
were tossed around during this 35m30s marathon were jaw dropping. We were
graded on each section just like a report card. Some sections were good, DUs
still suck.
A. 100lbs
B. 3 out of 3
C. 0 out of 6
D. 68 Total
E. 3 out of 3
We were all pretty smoked, but some of us (@keilshammer)
still had enough energy to take about 15 attempts at a Bar Muscle-up. That dude
is close. He will be hitting them very, very soon.
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretch
Back Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Nothing spectacular on the tail end of tonight. It must be a
combo of how I feel and the super crappy weather today that is dragging me
down. I promise to be better tomorrow.


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