Nice to Meet You

In the midst of this stay-cation, I’ve been trying to get
some training in to make sure that I’m not a total loss when the Open comes
calling. Today (Wednesday) I hit @CrossFitCanuck at the early hour of 9am. Sure
it isn’t a 6am class, but I’m normally sitting at a desk at 9 bells. What
really needs to happen is I need to hit the LottoMax so I can do CrossFit as my
job. But, I digress. I got to the box and had a nice chat with @girmantitov and
@SarahBassels (who was staying to play) and then got the surprise of the day. Anne
and the newest Canuck Bronwen were in for some morning WOD action too!
1000m Row
Pectoralis Major Activation
5 Ring Pull-ups
Now it wasn’t all smiles and babies (JJ was in too), today
was going to be a shoulder burning type of day. I worked on building shoulder
strength yesterday so to see a heavy day didn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy,
but sometimes you just have to put your head down and lift. First up, a 4
minute EMOM of 1 Shoulder Press and 7 Push Press @100lbs. It was tough and the
Push Press got heavy quick.  I was trying
to be mindful of my back position to make sure I wasn’t receiving the bar with
a bent back. We rested and then hit another 4 minute EMOM of 3 Good Mornings
and 1 BN (Behind the Neck) Push Press. Well klutz-o-matic here dropped the bar
while warming up (which stung), but I shook it off and completed it @100lbs.
3 Rounds for Time
3 Wall Walks
7 Power Cleans (@185lbs)
21 Kettlebell Swings (@70lbs)
Completed at RX? What? Really? I’ve come a long way since
those first Wall Walk attempts, now the nose is touching (ok, brushing) the
wall. Today was heavy and I was having some issues with the Power Cleans. Tavia
wasn’t impressed that my wrists were rolling under on my pull and that my butt
was coming up. I was a combo platter of good and bad lifts (especially as I got
tired). The good news was the KBS today. 
They were heavy swings, but I managed to make up time on them because I
was grouping them in 12-9’s.  My total
time was 12m06s and I was a puddle of jelly by the end.
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretch
Back Stretch
CoreStrength Homework
Now today there wasn’t a lot left after a seriously grueling
WOD and with a scheduled meeting with @3DinTO for the Team Canada game, I had
to boogey. If you are going to be on stay-cation, you might as well have a
great time. Thanks to @missade3, SA and Tavia for letting me crash your
training sessions. I had a blast.
Now before I leave you, there are a couple of birthday
announcements that I need to make. 
First, Ms Katherine E Fera, Happy Birthday! Dinner was fantastic
(especially the dessert) and I can’t wait for your December wedding. Happy
Birthday to @Keilshammer! My mentor in things fun and all around competitor in
life, can’t wait to raise a glass with you to celebrate. Drum Roll Please…
Happy FIRST BIRTHDAY to my niece Willow! Uncle Gravy Train can’t wait to
introduce you to all the things that Mom says you shouldn’t be eating…


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