Yeah, I Can Fly

Ok, I really can’t fly. Yet. We well get back to this in a
few minutes though.
What’s with a post on a Friday? Interesting isn’t it? Well
the goal for January was 31 days of pain. Fail. With the excessive festivities
on New Years and 2 WODs in 36 hours with no sleep, it was in everyone’s best
interest to take a night off. So to get back into the swing I showed up on what
would have been a Spin or Run day. Let me say this was an OUTSTANDING decision.
The class was small, the strength portion was intense and we all rocked the
500m Row
2 Rounds of
15 Squats
6 Inch Worms
3 Burpees

Clean Cut G
Is 2014 the year of the Burpee? Clearly it might be. I even
got to WOD with @girmantitov for back-to-back days for the first time in
forever. I had to do a double take because he was clean-shaven. For some reason
I managed to get to the box a little after 5pm so I had lots of time to get
loose. We even did a modified Warm-up ‘B’ focusing specifically on the
movements we would be working on tonight. It was going to be heavy… and
Strength (30 minute CAP)
*All sets must be UNBROKEN
4×8 Back Squats (185lbs)
3×6 Front Squats (185lbs)
2×4 Power Clean (185lbs)
1×5 Pull-ups
Originally RX was 225lbs, 225lbs and 205lbs. I was feeling
strong and started working my Back Squats up to 205lbs, but my form was
terrible so I came back down.  Better to
do them properly.  I had some issues
staying on my heels, but overall I was in the hole and felt decent. As per my
weirdness, Front Squats seemed easier than Back Squats. I got to the Power
Cleans and after the first rep my form was getting squirrely, but it didn’t get
too bad. As a modification for the Thrusters in the original programming, Tavia
asked me to do 5 Pull-ups and see how many I could complete together.
Wait. For. It.
5 UNBROKEN PULL-UPS WITH A KIP. Do not adjust your monitor,
I said 5 unbroken with a kip. That’s right kiddies, I can FLY. Sort of. I
finished with a time of 19m12s. Not bad for a Friday night.
6 minute Ladder of
Burpees to a 45lb Plate
HSPU (Box)
2 minutes Rest
2 minute AMRAP
Kettlebell Snatch (@50lbs)
Today was a really good day and I was feeling it. I managed
to get 7 full rounds + 8 Burpees to the Plate. I didn’t have a lot of hop in
the bottom part of the Burpee, but I really tried to keep a good pike for the
HSPU. The shoulder is slowly getting better, but the last thing I want to do is
reinjure it before the Open. I even got a Big Gold Star for my KB Snatches. Now
I was only using 1 arm so my total was 22, but Tavia said they were textbook.
Good hip and a solid punch. Yeah!
3×1 minute Plank
3×1 minute Side Plank Left
3×1 minute Side Plank Right
Well I was feeling good. The #530Crew completed this
Cash-out as a team, but I was struggling. My abs were still feeling the WOD
from Wednesday but we all stuck it out.
5 Pull-ups (Strict)
3×3 Pull-ups (Kip)
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretch
Back Rollout
Shoulder Mobility
What a day! Progress almost by accident, but progress none
the less. I will have to do a lot more work (Tavia wants me to move to a higher
bar and get all the way to a dead hang), but at least I’m still moving in the
right direction. All I’m hoping for now is that I can still WOD tomorrow.

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