Highway 405

Confused? There’s no Highway 405. Well there may not be yet,
but there should be. Remember when I said yesterday how I didn’t feel like a PR
in the Deadlift was going to be on the menu? Well I hope you have your
Funderwear on because this kid hit 405lbs in the Deadlift. That’s a 20lb PR! I
felt really good, progressing quickly up the ladder (135lbs, 225lbs, 315lbs and
405lbs). I may have gotten a little greedy because I then proceeded to fail at
435lbs, 410lbs and 407lbs (see where the highway tie-in comes in).
500m Row
10 Squats
PVC Leg Stretches
Hip Rotations
Arm Circles
Joyfulness aside, I didn’t think there would be any
high-fives the way the Warm-up started. Holy F-U Good Mornings and the way you
made my hamstrings feel. They were toight. Like tiger toight. Well, I’m here,
get loose and get into it. We started of with a quick EMOM of Hang Squat Cleans
to get fired up and since I’m fresh of a new PR there was no more Power Cleans
for me. Loaded up to 135lbs and had some fun with it.
CrossFit Total (Find 1RM, Max 3 Failed Attempts)
Back Squat 255lbs
Shoulder Press 95lbs
Deadlift 405lbs
Thanks to @girmantitov for partnering up with me for the
first 2 movements, you helped me get into the Back Squat. Now ‘technically’ my
1RM is 345lbs, but that was back in the days of north of 90 degrees. While it’s
still my max, I wanted to hit a new one, the right way. I lifted 255lb and it
felt good, but as I attempted 285lb I felt a twinge (aggravated from yesterday)
and decided to stop there. Now following Tavia’s instructions from the other
day I set a limit of 95lbs for the Shoulder Press, regardless of how good it
might feel.  It was nice to push weights
overhead, but it was tight on the left side so I stopped as planned.
The Deadlift was where it got fun and it was awesome to be
cheered on by the folks in the #530Crew and those that were just there
watching. Getting over 400lbs has been a target of mine since the last time we
tested the CrossFit Total.
3×300 Row (Sprint)
With as sore as my body was I was pretty pumped from the PR
(and the PR’s that were hit by the #530Crew). Even with that, I could only push
out 3 of the 5 Rows.  My body just said
enough. I did pull hard in those 3 though (sub 54 seconds).
5 Pull-ups
Glute Stretch
Forearm Stretch
Hip Stretches
Shoulder Mobility
Calf Smash (with Lacrosse Ball)
Now the Calf Smashes hurt like a mofo. Thanks to some of the
stuff that’s been floating in the Canuck feed and from the Tabata Times, ankle
mobility will help everything else.  To
get that, the calf, gastroc and Achilles need to be in tip top condition. Mine
currently are not, but they will be. 
Tomorrow will be a rest day and then it’s back to @CrossFit Canuck
Saturday where I hear there will be a Momma Bear sighting. Can’t wait to throw
bars with you again @katieandrien.


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