For The Win…

It’s my favorite time of year. Football Playoffs. Actually,
an even better time of year is whenever the Green Bay Packers play the San
Francisco 49ers. As you’ve seen on previous posts, my work wife @jessgrigg is a
HUGE Packers fan. Needless to say there was a wager (and just like the last 2
games) and my 49ers came through.  So
introducing to the Internet (again, because she keeps falling back to the
Pack), the new Number #1 San Francisco 49ers Fan, @jessgrigg!
500m Row
3 Rounds of
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Unbroken with NO BAND! I still think I might be trying to
protect the shoulder and not going to the dead hang after rep 1, but they still
feel good. Dislocates with the PVC however did not feel good and I had
troubles. As a result (and thanks to @sarahbassels and @luvmousey, I’m going to
see ‘their guy’ to see if he can fix me). I think this is a culmination of the
day I spent in bed because my body hated my guts.  As a result (and because today was a Snatch
heavy day), @sarahbassels and I skipped the Snatch and worked our way up to
heavy Good Mornings. I got up to 150lbs. We stripped down (@115lbs) and then
had a 3 minute EMOM doing 10 Good Mornings on the minute.
WOD (5 Rounds, 2 minutes per Round)
5 Power Clean (@135lbs)
10 Wallball (@14lbs)
15 Box Jumps (24” Box)
*with remaining time do Push-ups
Well this was spicy. So your score is the number of Push-ups
completed. The catch is, if you don’t get through all the movements in the 2
minutes, you can’t do Push-ups. I managed to get a total of 35 over the 5
Rounds. Everything was not rosy though and the shock from the first Box Jump
hammered up through my right knee and my back. It was not pleasant. Not one to
quit though I moved to step-ups so that I could continue.  Big ups to the #530Crew, because that was a
workout and a half.
Hip Stretches
Glute Stretches
Shoulder Stretches
Shoulder Mobility
This does not bode well for tomorrow’s CrossFit Total.  That, pisses me off because I really wanted
to have a go at a 400lb Deadlift PR. I’m not sure now if it’s going to happen. Some
Robax and a good night’s sleep and we’ll see what tomorrow holds.

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