Standing By Me

That’s what you’ve all been doing for me as I take this
crazy journey in health and as I celebrate POST NUMBER 600! I know right? 600
Posts from someone who isn’t a ‘big sharer’ in the thoughts and feelings
department. I know the posts can sometimes be all over the map and the format
has changed over the last few years, but 2 things are constant. The ever
shrinking (and strengthening) me and You, my readers.Thanks for following
along. Its interesting how one little thing can trigger a whole range of
thoughts and feelings and that happened tonight. Did I mention that I really
love the @CrossFitCanuck Family? While I was working on my BWOD and the 730pm
class was loosening up, Stand By Me came on the radio. @ashlerlyfoto,
@matt_5577, @kenwaydu and I broke out into sing-along (Ken even broke out the
dance moves). The words just made me think of how far I’ve come and the people
that have been a huge part of it. The ones that only stayed for a while and the
ones that are in it for the long haul. Thank You. I wouldn’t be able to keep
going along this twisty path without you.
OK, sappiness is done… Let’s WOD!
100 Skips
2 Rounds of
30 Arm Circles (Forward and Backward)
20 PVC OH Lunges
I’m still in a state of high crispiness, but we press on
(and @zlreyes was kind enough to help me modify again). The mod though involved
more Squats (much to the displeasure of my hips) and @SarahBassels let me jump
in with her to do a Russian Complex to find a heavy 3 rep max. Ugh. It hurt to
even load the bar onto my back (I had range of motion issues with the shoulder
that will remain unnamed).  In fact I wasn’t
even sure I was going to be able to do anything, but Baz gave me a kick in the
butt and I managed to hit 5 rounds of 3 reps at 170lbs. The complex was for 6
rounds, but I felt good and increased my weight for the last set and promptly
forgot how to do a Back Squat.  I tried
to keep good form, but there were a couple of reps where I felt myself starting
to pitch forward (I was working on 10lb plates as well).
6 minute AMRAP
10 Burpees
10 HSPU (Box)
10 Box Jumps (20” Box)
1 minute Rest
6 minute AMRAP
10 Burpees
15 Power Cleans (@115lbs)
20 Pull-ups (Green Band)
Burpees, wow do I still not love you. Thank you
@SarahBassels for helping me to keep moving (even though I was cooked). I
managed to get through 61 reps in the first AMRAP (2 full rounds plus 1 Burpee)
and I would have been fine to call it a day there. That’s not how we roll
though. Round 2 started and I was a little bummed because I had to switch from
Purple to Green in mid WOD. I just didn’t have the strength to get the ol’ chin
over the bar. 53 reps got finished here in the 6 minutes (1 full round plus 8
Burpees). Now I will digress for a second to give a shout to @paulperena who
for the last 2 days has finished the set he was working on even after time
expired.  He was back at it again today,
setting a good example. I felt the motivation and got the last 2 Burpees before
we cleaned up our equipment. Thanks P!
50 Heavy Russians (70lb Kettlebell)
25 GHD Sit-ups
25 GHD Back Extensions
I did the GHD homework on Monday so I only did 25 of the prescribed
50 of each movement. My body was tired and I would have been fine with heading
home, but if I’m going to get where I want to be, I need to pick up the pace. I’m
not a person who makes New Year’s Resolutions (why wait for 1 day to change
your life), but I do like goals. Jillian hasn’t put the goal board up yet, but
265lbs by January 31st sounds like a good start.
10 Candlesticks
5 Deep Squats (Rig)
Shoulder Stretches (Band)
1000m Row (Easy Pace)
3x100m Rowling (102,99,100)
5×1 minute Prayer Stretches
5 Beat Swings
Hip Stretches
As I close number 600, I look back to what started this
whole Weight Loss Adventure. It was a way to stay motivated and make sure I was
accountable to someone for the work that I needed to do.  If you make a goal public (and you are a
stickler for keeping your word), then you will do whatever it takes. Sometimes
there will be set backs, injuries, lack of focus and even plain ol’ laziness,
but it’s what you do after you get knocked down that defines you. You can lay
there and take it or you can pick yourself up, dust off and get back after what
you want.
Cheers to the next 600,

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  1. love reading about the journey bernzy, you are an inspiration and I'm so proud of you for taking control of your life – i brag about you all the time – i really do!
    congrats on the 600 milestone and keep looking forward.

    1. Much Appreciated Mark! Thank You!

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