My First Nooner

Get your minds out of the gutter, it isn’t that kind of
Pre New Year’s Selfie
Now as someone who is a creature of habit (I know, you are
all utterly shocked), you must be wondering what in the name of Mercury I’m
doing attending a class other than 
#530Crew. Well, it’s simple, Tavia was coaching (her last class of 2013)
and I wanted to have one last class with her. I know, even after being called
out on Saturday. That’s what a great Coach does, gives you the push that’s
needed to get the best out of you. It was cool because I even got to WOD with
@CobourgBeer (check out this cool article Look What’s Brewing) who I haven’t seen in forever. Fun Stuff!
50 DUs
3 Rounds of
5 Beat Swings
5 PVC Front Squats
5 PVC Push Press
Hip Smash (with Lacrosse Ball)
I have lost more blood because of DUs than anyone on Earth…
Being off the week between Christmas and New Year’s has been
nice and it allowed me to get in early for some more work on my hip and back.
They are still stiff from the floor (I know, boo hoo), but it is what it is. I
got nice and loose and had my second class in a row where I was able to
complete Pass Throughs, but still couldn’t catch overhead in Warm-up B. First
up was 10 minutes to find a 3RM Back Squat. Now my 1RM is 345lbs, but it was
with terrible (ok, maybe not terrible, but poor form and nowhere near getting
below 90 degrees) form and since I discovered the ‘hole’ I’ve been working my
way back up. The focus has been form instead of pushing plates. @CobourgBeer
and I paired up and we got up to 225lbs before we ran out of time. We followed
this up with a 6 minute EMOM (even minutes 3 Back Squats @185lbs, odd minutes
10 Push-ups).
New Canuck Beep Test (12 minute CAP)
EMOM Complete the following
7 Squat Cleans (Thrusters Modified @75lbs)
7 Pull-ups (Green)
7 Burpees
Elizabeth “Games Edition” (10 minute CAP)
21 – 15 – 9 Reps of
Squat Cleans (@125lbs)
Ring Dips (Green)
I think I shudder every time I hear ‘Beep Test’. Whether
it’s the running version (summer) or this new one, you are guaranteed to be
gassed at the end. I managed to complete 1 round + 7 Pull-ups. Just a fun fact,
Chris Spealler completed 17+ rounds of the beep test. After I finish puking (I didn’t
really) I want him examined for being part cyborg. I’m not sure if I didn’t eat
enough this morning, but I had no gas in the tank and I was getting dizzy on
the Squat Cleans. I finished the round of 21 and got 10 Squat Cleans in the
round of 15. On a positive note, my Squat Cleans felt (and apparently looked)
really good. I’m slowly getting better all around. Very slowly in some cases.
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
5 Pull-ups
Ankle Mobility (Band)
Ankle Mobility (Plate)
3 Chest to Bar Attempts (got about 3” to go)
Hip Stretch
Glute Stretch
Look how neat everything is at noon…
So as we close 2013 there will be some interesting posts in
the next 2 days. First up will be my first 6am class (@SarahBassels, hope you
are ready for this) and a recap of the year that has been. 2013, floods and ice
storms aside, was a really important year for me and there were some EPIC
changes in my life. January 1st I will be following that up with No
Resolutions Here Part 2 with an outline of my goals for the upcoming year.  Hope you will come along for the ride.


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  1. Anonymous

    WOW Bernie although I have never have posted a comment I have followed your journey from the beginning. My wife and I have discussed your blog and the difficulties you have faced. In my opinion an excellent example of dedication and truly an inspiration to all those struggling with weight loss. WAY TO GO BERN KEEP IT UP

    1. Thank You! It's been a challenge, but writing about it and having people you are accountable to makes it easier.

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