We Should Always Remember

I feel sad that we only seem to remember the men and
women that have fought for our freedom on 1 day out of the year. The truth is
we enjoy our freedom every day thanks to them. I observe a moment of silence,
but I don’t attend any type of ceremony anymore. Not because I don’t want to
honor those who have fought and died, but because punching ignorant people is
frowned upon during these events. Some people can’t get off their cell phones
for 2 minutes and shut their yaps as a sign of respect? They are the same
clowns that don’t take their hats off during the national anthem or show
respect while it’s playing. You have the right to be a dumbass because these
people fought and died for you. You DO NOT have the right not to respect the
moment of silence.
500m Row
15 Squats
100 Skips
After the festivities of Saturday, I was pretty tired when I
arrived @CrossFitCanuck today. The Bulgarians are still going strong as we
enter Day 9. Ah, can I vote that we change it up and do the Hawaiian Program?
It’s heavy on pineapple and shrimp. That’s just as effective as Snatch and
Clean & Jerk at getting you strong. No? OK, guess well do a 6 minute EMOM
of C&J at 165lbs. I wasn’t at the required 94% of my new PR, but its Squat
Cleans today so I was working lower. Ugly. Failed 3 lifts and I struggled to do
the reps properly. We followed that up with 1 rep at 155lbs and then went crazy
with a 2 minute AMRAP at 135lbs. The bonus was the AMRAP was Power Cleans. Woo!
I got 12 reps done in the 2 minutes. Wait, don’t rest, get on the wall. A 4
round TABATA of Handstand Holds. Shoulders, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would
be like this.
In honor of Remembrance Day, we were doing a Hero WOD. For
those of you who are new or are still figuring out what the heck I’m talking
about, CrossFit has a whole group of workouts that honor fallen soldiers. Today
we would be doing ‘Ship’ in honor of Canadian Forces Sergeant Shipway who was
killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb.
SHIP (20 minute CAP)
9 Rounds of
7 Squat Cleans (@105lbs)
8 Burpee Box Jumps (20” Box)
The thing about Hero WODs is something that’s hard to put
into words. No matter how hard they are, you can’t quit. You are just working
out, slinging weights or running around. The person who the WOD is named after
died serving. They didn’t quit, they gave their last full measure to serve. I
wasn’t near being able to do the WOD at RX, but I worked hard @105lbs and I didn’t
step up.  Every Box Jump rep was a Box
Jump. Doesn’t sound like much, but this is from a guy who was using plates a
couple months ago. 6 rounds plus 1 Squat Clean for me in the 20 minutes.
1200m Row
The #530Crew was pretty crispy and some of the peeps were
working RX+. @missade3 has some serious ups, working on the 30” Box. Very impressive.
I know I’ve talked about buckling down for the last little while, but after
seeing what it takes to get to the next level, tonight’s BWOD is just the
500m Row
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
5 Deep Rig Squats
7 Pull-ups (Strict, no band)
Knee to Wall
Calf Stretches (Plate)
Hip Stretches
Shoulder Stretches
Beat Swings and Kipping Practice
There were some pretty shocked faces tonight when I managed
a legit strict Pull-up and some jaws dropped when I linked 3 without dropping
off the bar. I’m not ready to ditch the band for high rep work, but I’m going
to be working on them more and more to build the strength that I need.  Before I leave tonight I want to leave you
with some optional reading courtesy of my sister. She sent me a couple articles
about weight loss and some of the points do resonate. Give them a read if you
have time.

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