There Are NO Shortcuts

I don’t get it. Miracle diets. Lemon Detox Cleanse. Dr.
Bernstein. Every fat loss muscle developing pill that’s out there and that’s
yet to come. Sure there are always anomalies and sometimes they can work for a
day or a week, but the only way to get where you want to go is to do the work. You
have to be willing to sacrifice and push your boundaries if you want to be
successful and to have lasting results. Yes, I’m a little preachy tonight, but
guess what, sometimes that’s just how I feel and it needs to get out. Do the
homework. Do the Cash-out. Do the things that you hate to do with the knowledge
that every time you do them, you get a little bit better. Trust me, there are
times when I would like nothing more than to roll over, pull up the covers and
go back to bed, but the next 20lb (25lbs according to Tavia) will not check out
on their own.
400m Row
2 Rounds of
5 Beat Swings
10 Squats
5 Pull-ups
10 Inch Worms
2 things with the Warm-up, first I hate Inch Worms, but I did
them with a grin (and some Eminem) and second, I did the Pull-ups with no band.
Woot! Not sure I’m ready to bang out 10, but with a small rest in between each
rep I got them done. Today is Day 8 of the Bulgarian Complex and it was Snatch
day. Note to my hips, “Guys, I need you to get with the program and open/close
when I’m using weight”. We worked up to a heavy weight (@125lbs) and then lifted
every 90 seconds for 11 minutes. The weight progression for me was 120lbs, 125lbs,
125lbs, 125lbs, 125lbs, 125lbs, 105lbs and 105lbs. Apologies to Jillian because
there wasn’t much Squat in the Snatches and thanks to @matt_5577 for the
encouragement regarding my lift setup.
WOD (15 minute CAP)
5 Rounds of
200m Run
5 Power Cleans (@165lbs)
12 Knees to Elbows
Good job @keilshammer for doing tonight’s WOD at RX (and I will
take a bit of credit for getting him to step up). I think he has a chance to
make a splash at the OPEN and Tavia said to him last year that he’s doing
everything at RX. Surprisingly I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s work (C’mon, it
had Power Cleans, for me that’s like Christmas), the Runs were a bit on the
chilly side, but it wasn’t snowing. I managed to finish in 11m10s of all out
crispiness. It was a great night by the #530Crew (like we roll any other way)
and everyone finished under the CAP.
90 seconds Back Bridge
20 seconds of L Sits
The Cash-out called for 90 seconds of L Sits, but the
hanging from the rig was causing havoc with the shoulder. I think it’s almost
time to have some massage torture done to it. I wanted to stop here, but with
an easy finish last night and tomorrow off to rest for the @CrossFitCanuck and
Platform Assassins Birthday Comp on Saturday work needed to be done.
Hip Stretches
Knee to Wall
Calf/Hamstring Stretches (25lb Plate)
Shoulder Stretches
Now as I got a little preachy I will tell you that I wasn’t
feeling particularly chipper. I was discouraged by the trouble in last night’s
WOD and I’ve been feeling pretty chunky this week. My diet the last week has
been all over the map, good and bad. I’ve also succumbed to a couple Halloween
goodies that keep popping up and tempting me. During the WLC I was really good
and managed to stay away, but my will power took it on the chin. Work and get
your head right Beez. 

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