Hot Laps and Finishing Like a Champ

Tuesday was not a good day, old habits came back and I made
some incredibly poor life choices. No @missade3 there are no good stories and in
fact they were more poor food choices. I was sore, I was tired, I was grumpy
and I was pressed for time so I stopped and got lunch from an unmentionable
place and while it tasted great at the time it was a BAD IDEA. My body was
rebelling against the long run on Monday, my legs were sore and overall I was
feeling pretty crappy.

I woke up this morning and my body still hurt, but worse was
how I felt about the garbage I put into my body. Guilt perhaps? Yes, definitely
guilt and a need to make up for the moment of weakness. I rolled out of bed and
got dressed and moving. I was scheduled for 3.5 miles (5.8KM) and I was
determined to stick to the schedule. 39m39s of treadmill work at a 6MPH pace
(up from yesterday) and 31 minutes of solid running. Now I know that the
treadmill is not the same as running outside (Jillian and @Keilshammer agree),
but what I need to do is put in the time to build my endurance. My pace was
6m46s/km and my average heart rate was 136 BPM maxing out at 166 BPM. Even my
run cadence today was solid at 77 SPM (strike per minute) average with a max of
87. When I finally peeled myself off the machine, my body ached. This
discovering of new muscles (thanks to running) is becoming a real pain in the

Warm-up ‘A’
600m Run
3 Rounds of
5 Beat Swings
10 Drop Snatches (PVC)
15 Squats

Today would be a whole world of Snatch work and a complex
that was fairly complicated. We worked up to a heavy weight and then dropped it
to 90%. I started working at 95lbs, but there were a couple of movements that caused
some issues so I moved to 85lbs. 2 Hang High Pulls, 1 Squat Snatch, 3 OHS (5
seconds down, 3 seconds in the hole), 1 Muscle Snatch and then 3 Push Press.
EMOM for 5 minutes. We were working hard during this round and everyone was getting
tired, but the fun hadn’t started yet.

Cindy’s Snatch (For Time, 20 minute CAP)
10 Rounds of
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Every 2 minutes, 60 second AMRAP of
Power Snatch (@85lbs)

Oh Baby. That right there was some spicy WOD. The #530Crew
buckled down and we got to it. Thanks to @matt_5577 for the new band setup for
Pull-ups, it was fast and very helpful. Before we started @girmantitov talked
about how there was no incentive to lift during the AMRAP, but we came up with
a 6 lift minimum. Well, I did. Every AMRAP was 6 lifts and I motored through
Cindy in 16m14s. That wasn’t the best part of this WOD though. Kris wanted to
stop but didn’t and she Finished (the #530Crew, @sarahbassel and Jillian even
jumped in for moral support). Super Huge High Five for finishing!

Now my legs, hips and heck my whole lower body were pretty
gassed, but turns out I wasn’t done yet. Remember when I said the Jillian had
some new tricks to try and help me with my Squat. Well tonight was step 2. She
had me working with my heels on 15lb plates and HOLY CRAP I got Below Parallel.
@DefconRX said the air was dense at the bottom of the Squat, well until today I
had never seen it.  The pictures show it
today though. I have new work (gasp) when we start our next Hatch Day. Lots of
reps on the plates and off to try and ‘trick’ my body into opening up and
getting my ‘Ass to Grass’. By the time the photos were taken I didn’t have much
left and I am sort of worried about tomorrow.

Hip Stretches
Tavia’s Squat Complex

Now I’m done…


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  1. in a pinch about where to eat an unplanned lunch?? try booster juice and go for one of the veggie ones (the spinach is good and filling too, go for the ginsing booster), you can avoid the crappy fast food places that way.

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