PR Towels and Maximum Overdrive

Thursday is power day according to the training manual. Hal Highdon
calls for a strength session plus a run (with an increasing distance every
couple of weeks). Now up to this point of the week, I’ve run more in a week
than in any given time in my whole life. My hips are tired, my quads are tired
and generally I’m a whole lot of tired. It’s just a matter of getting my mind
to shut up and to push through all the pain and discomfort. I’m sure the pros
don’t have to deal with this, well anymore. I’m sure once you reach a certain
level of physical fitness it becomes easier. To be honest I’m friggin praying
that I can get to that point before stuff starts exploding or falling apart.

Warm-up ‘A’
400m Run
21 – 15 – 9 Reps off
Kettlebell Swings (@35lbs)

The warm-up was tough, especially with all the Push-ups that
we had to slug through yesterday. My body wasn’t thrilled about it, but I actually
felt pretty strong. Today’s strength portion of class was the Shoulder Press. I
don’t know if you remember, but it was this movement that started the $hitshow
that is my shoulder injury. To say I was worried would be an understatement. I
would play smart though and not try for a 1RM, but lift what I could, safely. I
started adding weights, but I reached a critical point at 95lbs. I tried to go
to 100lbs, but I started to feel the shoulder fail condition and I stopped
right there. I went back to 95lbs and worked there for the remainder of the
class. A 5 minute EMOM of Shoulder Press, Push Press and Push Jerk.  We then moved to a 4 minute ME Ring Dip and
ME Strict Pull-up (1 minute of each, Green Band for the Dips and Blue Band for
the Pull-ups).

Upside Down Fran
21 – 15 – 9 Reps of
Thrusters (@65lbs)
HSPU (Box)

My shoulder was really feeling the strain so I moved to a
really light weight for this WOD and I finished in 6m27s. It was a struggle,
but I was happy to get through it. High 5 to @girmantitov who worked like crazy
at RX.  He even hit his first PR in a
couple of months in the Shoulder Press (thank entirely I’m sure to hard work or
@AkariBatman and his autographed PR Towel).

Cash-out / Half Marathon Training
3 Rounds of
400m Farmer Carry (2x35lb Kettlebells)
3x100m Sprints (walk back to start)
3,200m Run

With the Cash-out being run based, I decided that my Half
Training 3.5 miles would be a combo platter. I went with a lighter weight for
the farmer carry to take some stress of my knackered legs. After each lap, the
sprints were spicy! I got them all finished and then started doing laps to make
up the difference. I settled into my LSR (long slow run) pace and started
making left turns (NASCAR Style!). I got to 8 laps and if it had been required I
might have been able to go a few more, but I didn’t want to risk injury.

Friday is a REST DAY! Back to the box on Saturday and a long
run on Sunday.



Word of Yesterday – Perseverance (inspired by Kris)

Word of Today – Sapped

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