Beep This #$#@@#$%

No, I don’t need to be censored (ok, maybe sometimes and I have
been known to have a bit of a foul mouth every once in a while), but as I rubbed
the sleep out of my eyes and checked out the WOD, I couldn’t believe it. The
Beep Test? Really, is this happening? Pinch me, I still have to be dreaming.
Not sure what the Beep Test is? Let me put it in perspective for you, the last
time I did it, was over TWO DECADES ago. Yeah, you read that right, I was still
attending Resurrection, Mr. McKinnon was my Phys Ed teacher and I was in Grade
10! More on the Beep Test in a second, let’s move on. The shoulder is still
sore, but feeling 50% better than yesterday. 
I’m bruised and the muscle took a beating, but as long as there is
progress we can keep moving forward.

Warm-up ‘A’
800m Run
10 Inch Worms
10 Squats
20 Lunges

Warm-up ‘B’
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So @CrossFitCanuck just started a new training cycle (and I missed
the first 2 days) involving Smolov. Google says it’s a 13-week cycle that will
help you build your Squats and it will be heavy. Last night was the break in
the week so tonight would be my first round. We started off with 4 Back Squats
@225lbs (slightly less than my 80% which would have been 260lbs) every 90
seconds for 12 minutes. After a couple rounds where Jillian had to reprimand me
for dropping my chest I got into a good groove. The only issues I was having
was hanging onto the bar because it was putting stress on my deltoid, but those
are the breaks. We finished up the strength portion with Split Jerks. Now I was
worried about how the shoulder would hold up so I only loaded up to 95lbs. It
felt pretty good, but it would have been dangerous for me to go any heavier.

Beep Test

Shoulder to Overhead
20x Bare Bar
20x 75lbs
20x 95lbs
20x 95lbs (we were supposed to go up but 95lbs was my CAP)

So Tavia’s classes have to get to level 5 in order to pass
the Beep Test and the last time I did it I couldn’t even tell you what I scored.
It started off alright and I got to level 5 with no issues, but as it got
faster, I didn’t adjust enough and just missed the line on two consecutive
runs. I’m sure it looked like I was just giving up, but the rules are the
rules. Straight to the Shoulder to Overhead and tried to be very careful with
arm angles and I got to the 4th round finishing 9 reps.

There was a lot of hard work and to finish up we had the
Mobility Work of our choice. I rolled out and did lots of stretching, but no
B-WOD.  I want to get back to 100% (ok,
90%) before I start reintroducing extra stress on my shoulder.


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