Doing My Best THOR Impression

It is so good to be back @CrossFitCanuck. I know it’s only
been 5 days, but when you want to WOD and can’t because your body is holding
you back, you can become for lack of a better word FRUSTRATED. I had Dr. Spin
give the shoulder (and ankle) the once over and he determined it was my Deltoid
that was in contraction because of C-6 (in my neck). Funny but it puts into
perspective how everything in the body is connected to something else. By the
time he was done driving his elbow into the contracted muscle, I was just about
ready to scream ‘Uncle’. It was more painful than breaking my leg by a long

Warm-up ‘A’
Shuttle Run
2 Lengths Butt Kicks
Shuttle Run
2 Lengths High Knees
Shuttle Run
2 Lengths Lunges
Shuttle Run
2 Lengths Duck Hops

Warm-up ‘B’
See Previous Posts for Movements

Now I was a little bit worried when we started today because
there was some overhead work, but I just told myself to go light and focus on
the range of motion. It didn’t start off very well though as I couldn’t even
manage to do 1 Pass-Through. I stuck with the PVC for Warm-up ‘B’ and didn’t do
any of the movements with the bar behind my neck (there’s still some pain so I
took it easy).

Coach ‘D’ Snatch Complex (8 minute EMOM)
2x Snatch Grip Deadlift
Low Hang Snatch
Snatch Balance (Didn’t Do)
Push Press (Behind the Neck, Snatch Grip – Didn’t Do)

No as much as I would have loved to throw around some solid
weights, I kept it light so that I could try the Low Hang Snatch and the OHS. I
was working @65lbs and getting the weight overhead felt ok, but mobility in the
Squat was still gross. Next up was a Death by Snatch Ladder and even though I stuck
with the light weight, the issue I was having was getting into the Squat. Made
it through round 6 and failed in the 7th.

WOD (12 minute AMRAP)
5 Clean and Jerk (@85lbs)
10 HSPU (Box)
20 DUs

3 full rounds plus 5 Clean & Jerks done in the 12
minutes, but the hard part was the HSPU. I couldn’t really get close to the box
as it was taxing my shoulder a lot. I did manage to actually string some DUs together which was very exciting. Also on the plus side, after the WOD and the
Cash-out, putting on my shirt didn’t reduce me to a crying mass of pain.  That is a definite improvement. It felt good
to be back, but I was a little disappointed by the weights I was using.

3 Rounds of
5 Tire Flips
10 Sledgehammers
100m Sprint

Now I haven’t been on the bike this week (Jillian wants me
riding 3x per week), but I haven’t been sleeping well.  It’s tough learning to sleep on your back
when you’ve been a side sleeper for years. 
Necessary change though as the pressure on my shoulder when I slept was
a major factor in the shoulder troubles. Hopefully I will be back with the
program in the next couple of days (and for sure by next week).  I’m also going to start the delayed Paleo
Challenge July 1.

3×20 GHD Back Extensions (15lb Kettlebell)
5 Deep Squats (Rig)
Shoulder Stretches
3×20 Abmat Sit-ups
Calf Rollout
Back Rollout

Before I go though, I want to share a recipe that was passed
on to me (it is paleo and delicious). It was created by someone else, but it is
easy and soooooo good (just ask @Wardy_).

Paleo Crack Bars
8 tbsp Coconut Oil
8 tbsp Honey
2 Cups Shredded Unsweetened Coconut
1/2  Cup Cocoa Powder
1/2  Cup Almond Flour

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl
Heat the honey and coconut oil over low heat
Mix the honey and oil into the dry ingredients
and mix well
Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and
put in freezer for 15 minutes
Remove and Enjoy


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