Not Strictly Strict

I’ve been eating really well the last month plus, but with
the change in programming and the extra WODs for the Open I am having trouble
recovering. 7 hours sleep (at least) a night, fruit, veggies and meat. Recovery
drinks after class and protein shakes a couple of days a week, but I’m still
having some soreness. Nothing is injured (Mom, you can relax), but I just can’t
seem to push as hard as I think I can. My Squat has gotten progressively worse the
last few days (when not working off the rack) and I just can’t seem to correct
it.  Frustrating, but I will keep working
at it.
Warm-up ‘A’
500m Row
3 minute Ladder of
Beat Swings
Knees to Elbows
Warm-up ‘B’
3 Jump Shrugs
3 High Pulls
3 Muscle Snatch
3 Drop Snatch
3 Sots Press
5 Duck Walk (Forward)
5 Duck Walk (Backward)
 Like seriously, how long are you supposed to be crispy? Hips
through the row and shoulders through the PVC. Enough is enough already. First
off 4 minutes of Clean & Jerk @135lbs every 30s followed by a 3 minute
AMRAP at the same weight. I finished 10 reps, but was having some footwork
issues (my Oly’s are on their way back to Reebok for warranty issues) and I’m
still trying to master the new Outlaw Way. 
We followed this up with a Hero WOD.
5 Rounds for Time
12 Deadlifts (@115lbs)
9 Hang Power Cleans (@115lbs)
6 Push Jerks (@115lbs)
Now I started out @135lbs, but as I finished round 1 I knew
that I wouldn’t be able to finish at that weight. I was having form issues and
the weight was too much today (and RX was 155lbs). 1 plate change later and I was
a hot mess finishing in 15m23s. Considering that this is the same WOD that I did
in December followed by ‘Karen’ I’m shaking my head trying to figure how I got
through that.
3 minutes (every 30s)
Strict ME Pull-ups
It was hard chugging today and I am very proud of the #530Crew
tonight because every one of us worked our butts off. This WOD was super tough
and everyone finished strong.  Well
Bernie WOD
800m Run (Yeah, you read that right. Thanks for the company
3×20 GHD back Extensions
10 Deep Squats (Rig)
Shoulder Stretches
Hip Stretches
Back/Quad/IT Band Rollout
Now before you pass out that was a voluntary Run (although
somehow I missed the 7 minutes of Double Under practice). I’m still working
hard and hopefully that’s something I can maintain.  The Bernie WOD changes based on how much room
and the crispy factor, but it will be a regular occurrence.
PS – Now based on tonight’s photo you can see that my ham
sandwich is not 100% paleo.  To you I respond,
“Sometimes a ham and cheese sandwich is just a ham and cheese sandwich… wrapped
in lettuce”. Not super strict tonight, but still ‘moderately’ healthy.

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