2021 is Here, But Let’s Talk 2020

Welcome to 2021!  Seems like a week in the New Year is trying to outdo 2020. Let’s hope that’s just the New Year’s Eve hangover and things start to look up.  I was going to post this last week, but before I got finished the World got incredibly busy.  I don’t do ‘Resolutions’, we’ve talked about the reasons, I like to work with Goals. Let’s take a quick spin and recap 2020 and look forward to turning the page and getting the World set right side up.

2020 Goals Down to the Wire

I started 2020 with goals of 500KMs Cycling and 500KMs Running.  The running goal was the audacious one, but I felt if I could chip away at it, I could win. Throughout the summer I had a great pace and was well beyond the pace. Excitement! Then the desire, the fitness, the weather and a bunch of other things seemed to erode that drive. Something changed in November. I’m not sure what, but I found myself back on the spin bike and out for multiple runs a week. On New Year’s Eve I finally got to 500KM running!

The Benefits of Walking

When you look at the year in review video (above) the one thing that really stood out was the walking. Sure it helps that @rorofrommexico gets two to three W’s (we don’t say walk because he gets excited), but I had no idea how those miles added up.  I stopped doing the daily lunch walks, but I have been hearing many people extol the virtues of breaking up the day.  It alters mood, it’s easy and 100% is a health boost, get outside.

Goal for 2021!

So what’s on tap for this New Year?  With an increased focus on getting on the bike and being active, the cycling goal for 2021 is going to be 1,000KMs. On the running front, the goal will stand at 525KMs.  I’m going to reserve the right to increase that in June because so far I have been feeling the run.  Planning on getting out between 2 and 3 times per week with a side quest of running a 10K before the year ends. What about the lifting? Great question. I do not have an answer yet.  I miss the barbell, but with the lockdown it has been tough. @savannahjessie and I have been doing some online classes and Peloton workouts, but overall I have been missing the gym. Once we sort out COVID, I will update a goal here.

There you have it, a recap and the 2021 Goals.  What are you hoping to do in 2021? Drop a comment below and share it with us. There’s no better way to stay motivated (and accountable) than publically putting it out there.

Until next time, Happy New Year.


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