July #BigBrnzChallenge

Before we get into the July #BigBrnzChallenge, let’s recap last months’ work. Last month the challenge was to accumulate 30KMs over the course of the 30 days of June. You could break it up any way you wanted to, but I did caution about trying to get all 30 at once. Since this challenge also seemed to arrive just as I started adding longer runs to my weekly training regime, I managed to log the distance pretty quickly. Just to make sure that I continued to work hard for the entire duration of the challenge I ended up doing it twice. I know, damn overachiever. How did your challenge go?  Did you get all 30K? How did you break it up (leave a comment below)?  It’s always fun to see the different approaches.

July #BigBrnzChallenge

What will it be? I’m sure if you saw what was supposed to be an Instagram poll turned into a ‘choose the correct answer’ type of question.  So much for me being a master of social media technology eh? Fine, here is the July Challenge. Accumulate 30 minutes of time in the Plank. You can complete this challenge in either the ‘High’ (arms fully extended) or ‘Low’ (resting on elbows) positions and if you have limitations you are welcome to drop the knees as a modification.  If you’re uber keen, you can try and accumulate 60 minutes for that added bit of spice.

Why The Midline is Important

Other than the fascination with washboard abs that media tells us measures ‘fitness’, midline strength (with or without the washboard) translates into everything we do day-to-day.  A strong core will help your posture, improve your running and increase speed and power on the bike.  A strong core can help relieve back pain and it can even help you move more weight (for all my Lifters out there).

So there you are! Happy Canada Day! Rack up those minutes, stay safe, stay healthy and watch for new content going up this week!


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