June 2020 #BigBrnzChallenge

First Question: How are you?

Did you notice that there wasn’t May #BigBrnzChallenge? There’s been a whole lot of things going on and we’ve all been trying to adjust to this ‘new normal’.  I figured with everything going on, maybe we just needed to step back and reset. Now here we are, knocking on the door of the nice weather as everything slowly starts to open. There is still a lot of uncertainty, but hopefully, if we are cautious, smart, patient and kind we can finish this pandemic. That being said, as June starts, it time to start working again. The #BigBrnzChallenge is back!

Since we aren’t quite sure if gyms and Boxes will be open yet, this challenge will be about what’s currently allowed. Remember to practice social distancing and by smart.

We Are Going For a Run (or 30)

This month’s challenge is all about going out for a run. Now you can totally choose how you want to do it, but the goal is to run 1KM per day. You can run every day or you can break it up any which way you would like.  If you want to go 30KM in one shot, go for it, train first, but go for it. Personally, I will be breaking this #BigBrnzChallenge up into a bunch of 4, 5 and 6K’s. However you decide to it, please be safe.  Remember to avoid running with others, stay socially distant and use your best judgment to stay safe.

Also hydrate.  The weather is getting (really) warm and you need to make sure you are prepared when you set out. Sunscreen also is a good idea.  Make sure you get out on June 3rdto celebrate Global Running Day. 

I hope that you are doing well. If you ever need anything, never be shy about reaching out. Have fun with the challenge. Get outside and get moving. Summer is here and better days are just around the corner.  Remember to tag your photos on Instagram with #BigBrnzChallenge and #itbrnz to be featured in the gallery!


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